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The Best Movement Videos For Kids: Brain Breaks, Yoga and More.

Looking for fun and energizing YouTube brain break videos to keep your kids moving? Whether you’re a teacher, homeschooler, babysitter or a mom with kids glued to her couch you need this list of the best movement videos for kids on YouTube. I promise, it’s a lifesaver!

Kids dancing and taking a brain break

Get Kids Moving with Brain Break Videos

It’s no secret:

Kids need to move!

Just like they need to eat and sleep, kids were made to be busy and active.

If they are forced to sit still, or choose to lay around too much it’s a recipe for disaster.

If children aren’t running, playing, jumping and making noise on a regular basis you’re going to start to see some problems popping up:


Just to name a few!

“Movement isn’t a break from learning; movement is learning “

Arleta Margolis

As a teacher, I love brain breaks to keep kids active throughout the day. With the channels below you will also see that you can even keep them learning during the brain breaks –

But they’re way more fun than a worksheet.

As a mom, I love these YouTube brain break channels to keep my kids moving on weekends when it’s too hot or too cold to go outside.

They’re a lifesaver during winter and summer breaks too.

The Best Brain Break Videos for Elementary School Kids

Here’s the deal:

I teach first grade, so fun activities for kids from the age of like, 5 to 7 years old are my jam!

But guess what…I used these channels with my own kids at home when they were just toddlers. And I still use them now that they are older.

That being said, these brain break channels are great from preschool, kindergarten, first grade and up. There are even some that would work for middle school

(not all of them – know your audience).

YouTube Channels to Get Kids Moving

Alrighty folks, here are my faves!

This list includes channels that are mom, teacher, kid and student approved!

Have fun and get moving!

There you have it ya’ll. Great brain break movement videos that your kids are going to love.

The best brain break channels on YouTube

The Best Videos To Get Kids Moving on YouTube

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