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For a long time my life was simple and well-balanced. I  had an enjoyable and fulfilling career, taught yoga and pilates in my free time, and traveled to various parts of the world for adventure and fun. Then, within the span of a few years I got married, had two VERY difficult pregnancies, became a homeowner, fulltime working mom, and a stressed out and unhealthy version of the person I used to be.

You can do anything,
You just can’t do everything.

As moms we put so much pressure on ourselves and our culture dishes up three big ol’ heaping spoonfuls of stress, overwhelm and challenge on top of that. It’s enough to make you unhealthy, unhappy and not a very pleasant person to be around. Think this might be you? Just ask your kids and your spouse…they’ll tell you 😉

For most of us, trying to be the perfect wife, mother, friend and employee isn’t working. Instead we end up spread too thin and being mediocre versions of all of those things. 

I finally started seeing a change when I stopped trying to live up to those EXTREME standards. Instead I began focusing on SIMPLICITY and BALANCE. There was never an EXTREME diet, budget, or lifestyle philosophy I found that worked AND that I could stick to.

  • No sugar – failed!
  • No TV watching for my kids – failed!
  • Exercising everyday – failed!

The middle is where 
health & happiness reside

Instead, I found that when I focused on simplifying my life and using a more balanced approach I started seeing a positive impact on my health and happiness. 

I created Simply-Well-Balanced in order to share those tips, strategies and tools with you. As busy moms we have to find the easiest and most efficient way to make our health and happiness a priority. So, come on in – take a look around. I hope you find a way to make your life Simply-Well-Balanced.

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