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50 Frugal Boredom Busters to Keep Kids Busy When They’re Stuck at Home

Looking for fun activities and boredom busters to keep kids busy at home? Instead of listening to them whine and complain – be proactive and hand them this giant list of things to do while they are bored at home.

At home boredom busters for kids | pots and pans band.

At Home Boredom Busters for Kids

So the kids are stuck at home and they’re totally bored.

At this point you have two options:

  1. Listen to them repeat “I’m SO booored” over and over again for hours…
  2. Give them a list of possible activities  and let them know that if they don’t choose one, then you have a list of chores they can choose from instead.

As for me, and my sanity – I choose option 2.

Frugal Indoor Activities for Kids

My kids are 10 and 7, so I am no stranger when it comes to the complaining that often accompanies the boredom of being at home.

It’s been happening since they were toddlers, and I know it will only get worse as they become tweens and teens.

That is why I have started to put together a boredom buster game plan now.

All things considered, I am actually pretty lucky…

As a minimalist family my kids are used to finding unique and creative ways to entertain themselves because they don’t have a ton of toys and we limit the use of electronics.

And the truth is that boredom is good for kids.

When kids are constantly entertained they don’t have the opportunities to think for themselves or develop their own sense of creativity and imagination….so sad!

But once they are bored, how can we stop them from driving us crazy with whining and requests?

As a teacher and mom, I know that you can’t always expect kids to magically come up with their own ideas.

Sometimes, all they need is a little nudge in the right direction to get their creative juices flowing.

Below you will find a growing list of ideas to help keep your kiddos busy when they are stuck and home and need to keep them occupied.

Save the list to Pinterest, or write down the ideas on popsicle sticks and create a boredom buster jar.

Indoor Activities for Bored Kids

Indoor boredom busters for kids

1) Turn on these great kid’s movement and exercise YouTube videos to get them off the couch

2) Play hide and seek

3) Build a fort

4) Make a snack

5) Bake cookies

6) Paint a picture

7) Practice handstands

8) Re-arrange your bedroom

9) Draw with sidewalk chalk

10) Play a card game

11) Play a board game

12) Read a book

13) Create a graphic novel

14) Put on a skit

15) Build an obstacle course

16) Play the floor is lava

17) Write a song or poem

18) Create wall-art from painter’s tape

19) Make slime

20) Make friendship bracelets

21) Learn some fun hand-clapping games and rhymes

22) Play jump rope and practice these jump rope songs

23) Draw a self-portrait

24) Make finger paint out of pudding

25) Enjoy an epic bubble bath

26) Bake a treat for a neighbor

27) Create a collage or vision board

28) Play balloon volleyball

29) Trace their body on a large piece of paper and color it in

30) Create their own hilarious “Upside-down Chin Face” video

31) Watch one of these family-friendly shows on Netflix

32) Make a smoothie

33) Listen to an audiobook

34) Make paper airplanes

35) Make a paper bag puppet

36) Hula Hoop

37) Do a puzzle

38) Play dress up and put on a fashion show

39) Do your makeup really crazy

40) Play Mad Libs

41) Play charades

42) Take a bunch of funny selfies

43) Make a “faux” YouTube Video

44) Play rock paper scissors

45) Have a staring contest

46) Have a dance contest

47) Do a kids workout

48) Play with shaving cream

49) Carve a bar of soap with a plastic knife

50) Paint rocks

51) Have a picnic in the living room

52) Have a bubble gum bubble-blowing contest

53) Play laundry basket hockey with a rolled up sock and a broom

54) Learn how to draw

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I also love this idea of creating a boredom busters jar!

Well mama – there you have it: tons of ideas to keep your child busy when they are bored.

Do you have any ideas I should add to the list?

Please add them in the comments below!

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