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The 25 Best Toys for Active Kids

I’ve rounded up all the best toys for active kids. If you’re looking for gift ideas for active kids to keep them moving and burning off all that extra energy, then this is the list for you!

Keep your kids from bouncing on the couch and furniture with these great toys for active kids.

These 25 toys for active kids were carefully selected to be fun, educational, and great for development. These are ideal gifts for active kids or perfect toys for keeping kids busy when school’s out of session. If you’re looking for healthy, energy-burning toys for kids, these are my top recommendations.

Choosing the Best Toys for Active Kids

Choosing toys and gifts for active kids can be challenging. When you buy gifts for active kids, you don’t want to give them something that will end up being dangerous, destructive (or just plain annoying for Mom and Dad). 

The ideal energy-burning toys for kids offer easy play without grown-up assistance. These active toys should still be educational, fun and should assist with skill development too.

Over the years, I have created specific active toy selection criteria to decide whether or not an item is worth bringing into my house.

Here are a few key features I look for when selecting toys (especially active toys):

Does the toy…

  • Encourage outdoor play?
  • Require movement?
  • Develop coordination?
  • Offer sensory input?
  • Inspire creativity and imagination?

You will notice many of the toys on this list of gifts for active kids check all of those boxes. You’ll feel good buying and giving these to the kiddos in your life. 

Better still, not only are the active toys listed below super entertaining, but they also help develop fine and gross motor skills. As a quick reminder, fine motor skills are small movements—such as picking up small objects and writing with a pencil—that use the small muscles of the fingers, toes, wrists, and face.

Gross motor skills are the bigger movements—such as jumping and balancing—that use the large muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet. The ideal toys for active kids help build both these areas.

As a teacher, I see more and more kids struggling with these motor skills. Without them, kiddos have trouble writing, skipping, tying their shoes, and coordination.

When children struggle with these basic skills, they become easily frustrated, leading to tantrums, anxiety, and anger. However, when they master these skills, it helps them become more confident and tolerant of frustrations.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true: Active play toys for kids (toys that encourage physical movement and play) can help improve behavior. Kids who are active and can “get their energy out” tend to be more relaxed.

These toys for active kids improve focus, sleep, and learning—they’re the perfect gift for active kids! 

As I compiled this list of toys for high-energy kids, I made sure the active toys were perfect for children with lots of energy, ADHD, or sensory processing disorders. At the same time, they are also excellent energy-burning toys for kids who just want to have fun!

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25 Awesome Toys for Active Kids

A quick note about this list: I’ve organized this list of toys for active kids by age range.

The best toys for active toddlers are at the top, and toys for older kids are at the bottom.

Be sure to scroll through the entire list of active toys to find the perfect gifts for busy kids!

The Gonge Top is a fun alternative to a teeter-totter. It's a great toy for active toddlers.

Playskool Sit ‘n Spin Classic 

Got hyper kids? Let them spin their brains out on this classic toy that is so much fun! This is one of the best toys for active toddlers. 

The EVERICH Toy Hoppy Ball is a great way for active kids to build gross motor skills.

EVERICH Toy Hoppy Ball

The EVERICH Toy Hoppy Ball is so much fun for younger kids! Bouncing on this ball helps them build gross motor skills, and it’s a great energy-burning toy for kids who like action. 

The MOLUK Bilibo is a unique Swiss toy that builds imagination for active play.

MOLUK Bilibo 

When you first see this Swiss toy, you’ll probably wonder what the heck is it? This fun shell-shaped, bright toy offers active kids limitless imaginative play. It can become a chair, a sled, a balance tool, a scoop, and many other creative items. 

The Little Tikes Rock Climber and Slide is a great playset for younger adventurous kids.

Little Tikes Rock Climber & Slide

Your kiddos will love having their own personal playground. Complete with a climbing wall, this awesome playset is an excellent introduction to basic climbing. It’s small enough for young kids but sturdy enough for their older siblings. Plus, it’s super cute.

The Gonge Top is a fun alternative to a teeter-totter. It's a great toy for active toddlers.

Gonge TOP

The giant Gonge TOP fits two children and can be used indoors or out. With supervision, kids can even use the Gonge Top as a boat in the pool! Watch kids rock, spin, and teeter their little hearts out on these active toys. 

The Gonge Stepping River Stones are beautiful and fun active toys for kids.

Gonge Stepping River Stones

Perfect for the ultimate version of “The Floor is Lava!” Each side of the Gonge Stepping River Stones varies in steepness and difficulty—helping kids build balance and gross motor skills during play. One of my favorite features is that the stones can be stacked for easy storage. There is also a rubber rim that prevents slipping – they thought of everything!

The Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set is a perfect energy burner for kids!

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

This sturdy swing set and clubhouse is a perfect backyard (or playroom) set for high-energy kiddos. It’s very sturdy and well-made and offers hours of entertainment and fun. It would be perfect for outdoor play, but it’s small enough to fit in a large indoor space as well. 

Build balance skills during play with the Wooden Wobble Balance Board.

Wooden Wobble Balance Board

The Wooden Wobble Balance Board seems like a simple toy at first, but it offers plenty of room for imaginative play for active kids! The board builds gross motor skills and can act as all sorts of toys from a teeter-totter to a tunnel, to a chair, to a bridge. 

The Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster is one of my all-time favorite toys for active kids!

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On

This toy has been my sanity saver for years! We have used it inside, outside, down the hallway, and for birthday parties. It’s a 10-foot-long roller coaster ride on track, built for years of play outdoors or in the playroom. The recessed retainer well keeps the car in place, and the riding car has a high back, handrail, and footrests for safety. 

Geospace WALKAROO Stilts are a classic gift for active kids.

 Geospace WALKAROO Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts

There’s a reason why stilts are among the most classic gifts for active kids—they’re entertaining and coordination-building. Plus, what kid doesn’t love to pretend to be a little taller?!

The Spooner Board is a great way for young skateboarding enthusiasts to get their balance.

Spooner Boards Freestyle 

Similar to the Wooden Wobble Board above, the Spooner board offers a cool way to develop balance and coordination. This is a great gift for active tweens and older kids, especially those who might want to try skateboarding.

The Lascoota Scooter is a great gift for active kids who want a cool mode of transportation.

Lascoota Scooter for Kids & Teens

What’s cooler than your own set of wheels? For most kids, a scooter is the ultimate active toy and mode of transportation. The Lascoota Scooter is sturdy and easy to use. It’s one of the best energy-burning toys for active kids. 

The ActivPlay Swivel Teeter Totter is endless outdoor fun for active kids.

ActivPlay Swivel Teeter Totter

Take outdoor play to the next level with this awesome teeter-totter that also swivels 360 degrees.

Your active kids will bounce their little hearts out…which is just what they need!

The Kid-Powered Plasma Car is a fast, exciting gift for active kids.

The Kid-Powered Plasma Car

One of the best gifts for active boys and girls is the Kid Powered Plasma Car. This car reaches speeds up to 6 mph! The car is propelled by the driver’s back and forth motion (burning lots of energy). Driving this active toy is so much fun the kids won’t even realize they’re getting worn out!

The Whoobli Punching Bag helps active kids get out their energy in a safe, fun way.

Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids

Growing kids are full of energy – and that energy has to go somewhere. This SUPER COOL boxing ball set will be the most addictive toy in the house! Unlike some punching bags that fall over after one big blow, this sturdy bag stays upright!

The Ninja Warrior obstacle course is perfect for kids who love to move!

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

Do your active kids love the Ninja Warrior shows? This makes a perfect gift for active kids who can’t get enough of the crazy obstacle courses. With rings, climbing ladders, and more, this kit has everything you need for your own backyard challenge. 

This ultra-fun glow-in-the-dark capture the flag game is perfect for active kids who like a challenge.

Capture the Flag Redux: Glow-in-the-Dark

Looking for a great group game to play outdoors? This Capture the Flag kit has everything your kids will need for an awesome backyard activity. The action-packed game is one of the best toys for high-energy kids. 

The Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is a classic toy for active kids.

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick for Kids Ages 5+

There’s a reason why pogo sticks are a classic active toy for kids—they’re tons of fun, and they help kids burn tons of energy. If you have a bouncy child, a pogo stick will provide them with plenty of entertainment (and laughs).

The Zipline Kit is a fantastic outdoor activity and an ideal toy for active boys and girls.

 Zipline Kit with Spring Brake and Seat

Endless hours of backyard play are at your fingertips with this safety-focused zipline. If your kids haven’t tried ziplining before, they will be thrilled with this great energy-buster. This toy makes a perfect gift for active boys and girls. 

 Looking for the best gift ideas for active kids? These body bumpers will be a surefire hit!

BANZAI Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers

Are you ready for hours of laughter? These inflatable body bumpers are hilarious and super fun for active kids. Children can bounce into and off of each other for hours of silly fun! These are a fantastic investment for outdoor play.  

 A trampoline is the ultimate gift for active boys and girls. This Skywalker Trampoline has a net for safety!

Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk

Looking for the ultimate gift for active boys and girls? A backyard trampoline is sure to keep everyone bouncing and having a blast. This trampoline has an enclosure net and basketball to make it extra safe and athletic. It’s ideal for kids that want to brush up on their slam dunks!

This Diggin' Dodge Tag game is an excellent activity for high-energy kids!

Diggin’ Dodge Tag Game

Tag and dodgeball are favorites of almost every kid. These games offer endless opportunities to run and interact. The Diggin’ Dodge Tag game is a dodge ball-inspired game with vests that help to keep score. Watch your active kids run, dive and laugh while they have a ton of fun!

These yoga dice for kids offer a great way to turn yoga into a fun, active way to play.

Yoga Dice

Yoga Dice is a fun game that turns yoga into a competition between friends, siblings or the entire family. Who can hold the pose and make it to the finish line first? These yoga dice are the perfect gift for active kids who still need some calming activities in their day.

The Swurfer Standup Surfing Swing is a perfect outdoor activity for any kid!

Swurfer Surfing Swing

Are your kids tired of the same-old swing? The Swurfer is a standup swing with a unique design that requires balance and focus. These swings are made of carved maple, letting kids surf the air as they rock back and forth. Super awesome!

The EzyRoller is a unique alternative to a bike or scooter and a lot of fun for active kids!

EzyRoller Classic Ride On

Who wants to settle for a bike when you could use snake-like motions to move the EzyRoller?! This fun and unique toy is an awesome, adjustable ride for kids. Kids can use the EzyRoller as they play games, race, or ride around the block. 

Step 2 Skyward Summit

The ultimate climbing toy for kids aged 4-10. Have your own mountain right in your own backyard! Kids will spend hours on this awesome toy that can also be used as a fort, playhouse, and climbing structure.

This list of 25 toys for active kids should give you many great ideas for your next gift purchase. If you have kids that can’t seem to get their wiggles out, active toys will help them build motor skills and burn off all that extra energy. Don’t miss out on these super fun gift ideas for active boys and girls!

Gift ideas for active kids

The best gifts for energetic kids!


  1. Great list! We have cold winters in Ohio and I’m always looking for toys we can setup in the basement during the cold months…and preferably ones that will keep the kids active. So many of these are perfect for that! I love the roller coaster, hanging rings and river stones.

  2. Hi! You have a rock climber in the pictures above but no link to what it is. I would love to have something like this for my kids. Could you let me know where to get it? Thank you.

    1. Hi Amy, When I wrote the post the rock climber was available and unfortunately it no longer is. I have looked everywhere online and even on the manufacturer website. I am hoping that they start making them again soon. I have had many people reach out asking if something similar is available. I have searched everywhere and this is the closest thing I can find https://www.amazon.com/Little-Tikes-Rock-Climber-Slide/dp/B015KN8FCQ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=step+2+climber&qid=1606143484&sr=8-44&linkCode=ll1&tag=simplywell0f-20&linkId=1635cdafebcefe0be5ccdf727dd00633&language=en_US (aff link)

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