Health & Happiness tips for busy moms
health and happiness tips for busy moms


Find simple ways to increase joy, decrease stress, and spend quality time together. Balance doesn’t have to be difficult; we’ll show you how.

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Tips for a happy home. Family fun & Kids activities


Want to sleep better, avoid depression, and lose weight? Fitness is key to creating balance in our lives, but you won’t find any insane workouts here. We are all about plans that you will stick to and see results from.

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Quick workouts to increase health and happiness.


Let us share with you all we have learned from our mistakes and  show you how we have rebounded from all of them. You don’t need to cut up your credit cards or eat rice and beans for every meal – that’s really pretty extreme! We will show you easy ways to pay off debt and start saving money every month.

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personal finance tips for balanced living


Do you enjoy food? Thought so….we do too! Food is to be enjoyed and nourish our bodies. In order to accomplish these goals you have to find a balance. We will show you how to eat well without any deprivation or guilt.

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Balanced meals for busy families. Quick and easy recipes