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Top 10 YouTube Channels that Teach Drawing for Kids

Art lessons can be expensive, and for many of us there just aren’t a lot of options available. Thankfully, YouTube offers a number of channels that will teach your kids how to draw for free!

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YouTube Channels that Teach Kids How to Draw

As a teacher (and mom) I am always looking for online resources to support students in a variety of areas.

Art is an area that was always a challenge for me, but I don’t want that to prevent me from offering some awesome drawing lessons to my kids and students.

That’s where YouTube comes in!

These awesome YouTube channels offer a variety of drawing styles and genres perfect for beginners and young kids.

One reason that I took a lot of time to curate this list is because when I started started searching for drawing tutorials to use in my classroom, I discovered that many children’s art channels on YouTube actually included art that I didn’t think was appropriate for children.

In general, I try to avoid encouraging children to draw things that are dark, gory, scary or just not age appropriate.

This list only includes channels that have tutorials that are kid-friendly and teacher approved.

Before you get started here are some supplies to have on hand:

The Best Drawing YouTube Channels for Kids

There you have it mama! 10 Awesome YouTube channels to teach your kids how to draw for free!

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