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101 Good Dares for Kids: Clean & Funny Truth or Dare Ideas

Remember Truth or Dare? Back in the day, the silly sleepover game we all loved to play sometimes got a little out of hand. But it sure was fun. 

It’s just one of those classic games that childhood memories are made of. It’s probably because all kids love a challenge–but the keep the game fun you need creative, safe, and funny dares for kids that are also age-appropriate and a little goofy.

Armed with a good list of clean dares, kids can stay occupied for hours. It’s the perfect solution when kids are bored or need some simple, fun entertainment. 

If your kids are ready for a challenge, don’t miss these 101 best dares for kids. These good kid dares are just right for elementary-aged kids through tweens. Some could also be adapted as dares for little kids (if your preschoolers want to play along). 

Clean dares for kids

How to Set Up Kid-Friendly Dares

As a simple living family, we don’t have tons of toys, videogames, and other stuff lying around the house.

Fortunately, for a good game of Truth or Dare for kids, you don’t need many supplies. Kids can do most of this list of easy dares using nothing but imagination.

Most of these funny dares for kids can be done indoors, making it a perfect activity any time of year. 

So how do you set up Truth or Dare for kids?

  • You can either print out the list of dares for kids or pull it up on your screen.
  • From there, Mom, Dad, or one of the kids reads off the challenge and you move around the circle.
  • When it’s your turn, you can choose to share a truth or take a dare. Most kids will take the dare.

What are some good Truth or Dare questions for kids? Set up some questions like:

  • What’s your most embarrassing experience?
  • If you had a superpower, what would you choose?
  • Have you ever told a fib? 
  • Who’s your secret crush? (Depending on the age of the kids.)
  • What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done? 
  • If you had a million dollars what would you do?
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you want to go?
  • What kind of animal would you like to be?
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What three wishes would you have granted by a genie?
  • What’s your favorite holiday and why?
  • What’s your favorite thing about your brother or sister?

Look at these 20 question prompts to get more thoughtful ideas.

The idea behind truth or dare is to have fun, while also getting kids to open up. Truth or dare questions for kids can even offer a few teachable moments.

Remember to keep the game of truth or dare light and fun! The objective of good dares for kids is to give them a chance to do something a little bit silly or cringe-worthy without veering into the totally mortifying territory.

Kids shouldn’t feel forced to play or share. If they don’t want to carry out one of the silly dares, make a policy to move on to keep the game moving.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stick with dares-only (which are the most fun anyway), you could create a game of I Dare You and write down the challenges on slips of paper. Kids take turns drawing from the dares jar and accepting the challenge. 

If you want to make it a little easier, you can offer the kids a chance to pass on at least one of the dares. If your kids are shy, you may want to provide this option, especially if you think it might detract from the fun if they have to do anything TOO challenging or take an embarrassing dare.

How long should a game of Truth or Dare last?

It’s really up to you and your kids. The fun dares might entertain some older kids for hours, especially if they can play the game independently. The challenge jar works well to keep the ideas flowing.

Even for younger kids, this list of dares can present an interesting and entertaining challenge. They may want to keep going for hours! It’s not quite as simple as a game like Simon Says, but the challenges really engage kids’ creativity. 

If a boredom-free afternoon that keeps your family active sounds like a great idea, don’t miss these 101 best dares for kids. 

The Big List of the 101 BEST Dares for Kids! (+printable)

  1. Create a dress out of toilet paper and do a model walk.
  2. Close your eyes, then someone gives you either an olive or a cherry. You must eat whatever it is.
  3. Make noises like your favorite animal for one minute.
  4. Use a straw to pick up Skittles and sort them by color.
  5. Taste some hot pepper sauce, horseradish, or strong mustard.
  6. Crabwalk around the room.
  7. Call a family member and sing the birthday song (even if it’s not their birthday). 
  8. Do a headstand.
  9. Perform a pop song in front of everyone using a hairbrush as a microphone.
  10. Smell someone’s feet and describe the scent.
  11. Run around the block.
  12. Go outside in winter gear in the summer and wave at passing cars.
  13. Dance like a bug in the front yard.
  14. Smell something moldy (like cheese). 
  15. Touch an earthworm or a slug.
  16. Let someone put makeup on you.
  17. Let someone in the group style your hair (and wear it that way for the day).
  18. Wear all your clothes inside-out.
  19. Put your shoes on the wrong feet and walk around.
  20. Allow someone to give you a manicure with marker or white-out.
  21. Eat three saltines and recite Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  22. Do your best version of speaking French with an accent (even if you don’t know French).
  23. Recite the alphabet backward as fast as you can.
  24. Count to 1,000. 
  25. Eat a teaspoon of peanut butter without taking a drink of water.
  26. Hide in a dark space for 5 minutes.
  27. Wear oven mitts and tie your shoes.
  28. Sing “opera” out the window.
  29. Walk around the block and sing Christmas carols to those you pass. 
  30. Lick your elbow.
  31. Fake cry like a baby.
  32. Spin around blindfolded, then walk across the room.
  33. Write your name with your non-dominant hand.
  34. Tie your shoes blindfolded.
  35. Sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star backwards.
  36. Fold an origami frog.
  37. See how many mini-marshmallows you can fit in your mouth.
  38. Take a picture making a mysterious face.
  39. Take a picture making a silly face.
  40. Take a picture making the scariest face possible. 
  41. Make a basket with a ping-pong ball.
  42. Use chopsticks to eat a bowl of cereal.
  43. Drink from a baby bottle.
  44. Eat out of a (clean) dog dish (or a bowl on the floor).
  45. Use toys to make the tallest tower possible.
  46. Do 50 pushups.
  47. Lick your nose.
  48. Do 50 jumping jacks.
  49. Go for a minute without blinking.
  50. Do a “triathlon” (choose three activities to do in succession, and repeat circuits). 
  51. Write a poem in five minutes and share it with everyone.
  52. Draw someone’s portrait with your non-dominant hand; present it to them as a “serious” gift.
  53. Text someone using your nose.
  54. Do a cartwheel in the front yard.
  55. Let someone draw purple freckles on your face with a (washable) marker.
  56. Wear (clean) underwear on your head.
  57. Try a new vegetable or fruit.
  58. Peel a banana using your feet.
  59. Impersonate your schoolteacher. 
  60. Walk around the yard backward.
  61. Sing everything you speak for the rest of the game.
  62. Eat a hardboiled egg dipped in sugar instead of salt.
  63. Wear your socks on your hands for the rest of the game.
  64. Let the person next to you “design” a hat for you and wear it for the day.
  65. See how many shirts you can put on at once.
  66. Stand in the driveway and deliver a speech or read a book aloud, theatrically. 
  67. Brush your teeth with ketchup.
  68. Blow up a balloon and sit on it until it pops.
  69. Speak in baby talk for the next two minutes.
  70. Pretend to be 99 years old for two minutes.
  71. Pick a flower in the yard and give it to a passerby, saying, “I got this for you.”
  72. Stick your hand in mud.
  73. Hold an ice cube for at least one minute.
  74. Pretend you are a robot—walk and talk like a robot for at least a minute.
  75. Find an object someone has hidden in the room.
  76. Propose to an inanimate object.
  77. Drink a glass of water upside-down.
  78. Sing Old MacDonald with feeling (including the animal sounds). 
  79. Balance a container of water on your head (outside or in the tub).
  80. Stand on one foot and do a flamingo impression.
  81. Do a Tik-Tok-style dance routine in the front yard.
  82. Pretend you are another player’s puppy.
  83. Do your best impression of a fish out of water.
  84. Act out a nursery rhyme—other members need to guess what it is.
  85. Act out your favorite song—see if anyone can guess it.
  86. Drink a glass of warm water and loudly declare how refreshing it is.
  87. Wear sunglasses on the back of your head, put your shirt on backward, and walk around.
  88. Talk like your favorite cartoon character for one minute.
  89. Eat a jar of baby food.
  90. Catch popcorn or cereal in your mouth.
  91. Juggle beanbags or clementines.
  92. Do an impersonation of a houseplant.
  93. Stand on the couch as a stage and give a rock star singing performance.
  94. Eat ice cream topped with pickles.
  95. Run in place as fast as you can for one minute.
  96. Talk like a pirate for the rest of the game.
  97. Invent a convincing magic trick and perform it theatrically. 
  98. Draw or color without using your hands.
  99. Play air guitar, including scissor kicks and headbanging.
  100. Let another player draw a “tattoo” on your arm (using a washable marker).
  101. Using objects around the house, see who can build the best fort.

Wish you could print out this list? You can! Just click here 🙂

Make the Fun Dares More Challenging for Older Kids

This list of good dares for kids, should keep all ages entertained. Most of the dares on this list are geared toward elementary-aged kids (6-10), but I’ve found that these clean dares are also great for tweens. Often as kids get older, the dares become a bit more embarrassing and tougher (and some are less appropriate).

When playing truth or dare for kids, older kids can play largely self-directed without much assistance from parents. It’s always best to keep an eye on your kids as they play, but the game doesn’t require close participation.

If you’re using this list of dares for tweens or older kids, you may want to collect a few supplies, especially for the food challenges. It’s helpful to stock up on some of the supplies (like pickles and baby food) if your kids have a special get-together like a birthday party or sleepover, where they’ll want to tackle these dares.

Older kids can also come up with their own fun and silly dares to add to the list. I’m always amazed at the funny dares and creative ideas that my kids come up with when they play with our family. I’m sure your kids will come up with some creative dare ideas too. 

Are you looking for more family activities? Don’t miss these fabulous ideas to keep your kids healthy, happy, and having fun. 

101 good dares for kids

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