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100 Awesome Easter Egg Fillers [That Aren’t Junk]

Looking for Easter egg fillers that aren’t just a bunch of plastic junk? This list is full of items you can use to stuff your Easter eggs that won’t just be tossed in the garbage can. Over 100 awesome Easter egg fillers that everyone will love! Ideas for toddlers, kids, teens and adults!

An Easter Egg that has curled ribbon popping out of the top - Awesome Easter Egg Fillers.

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Easter Egg Fillers That Aren’t Junk

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

For our family Easter is a signal that spring has begun and that soon we will be spending our days outside and enjoying the sunshine again.

Over the years we have introduced a number of simple Easter traditions that our kids love.

Can you guess their favorite?

That’s right! The Easter Egg hunt.

This year we are doing a combination of the classic real eggs and plastic fillable eggs.

Last year my mom purchased a large bag of plastic Easter eggs during a post-holiday sale. As much as possible, I try to reduce the amount of plastic waste my family creates so this wasn’t something that I would normally buy.

Now that we have them, I want to put them to good use. I also plan to keep them and re-use them year after year.

Since we also try to live minimally, I also don’t want to put a bunch of junk inside the eggs that my kids won’t even appreciate. I am not a huge fan of plastic trinkets that really don’t have a purpose.

Generally, I look for items that are consumable or clutter-free. Meaning they will be used and I won’t have to find a place to store or organize them.

On that note I have been brainstorming ideas about what I can use to fill the Easter eggs this year.

I did my best to find ideas for toddlers, kids, tweens and adults.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

Ideas for Easter Egg Fillers

Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

Little girl sitting on a bench holding Easter Eggs that were in a nest.

We all know that kids love candy, but it’s important to keep it limited if possible. In our family we tend to skip out on the sugar treats at Easter because we know the kids are going to be getting plenty from their classroom parties and grandparents.

If you are looking for something other than candy to put inside the eggs, here are some great ideas:

1. Backpack Pins

2. Temporary Tattoos

3. Sidewalk Chalk Eggs

4. Punch Balloons

5. Glass marbles

6. Tenzi Dice (I put a few of these in each egg to make a full set)

7. Embroidered Patches

8. Friendship Bracelets

9. Water Whistle

10. Jewelry

11. Magnets

12. Fingernail Stickers

13. Hot Wheels

14. Fun Pencil Top Erasers

15. Fidget Toys

16. Rocks and Minerals

17. Arrowheads

18. Mini Bubbles

19. Mini Shakers

20. Glow in the Dark Tattoos

21. Anklets

22. LED Fairy Lights

23. Bracelet Charms

24. Worry Dolls

25. Worry Stones

Useful Easter Egg Fillers

Boy finding Easter Eggs in yard.

Everyone from kids to adults love receiving gifts that they will actually be able to use. Easter is no exception. These practical and useful Easter Egg stuffers will be appreciated by everyone.

26. Money

27. Pencil Sharpener

28. Fun Band-aids

29. Restaurant Gift Cards

30. Keychain Multi-Tool

31. Fitness Tracker

32. USB Drive

33. Essential Oil Rollers

34. Scrunchies (Hair Ties)

35. Face Masks

36. Hand Sanitizer Minis

37. Mini Lotions

38. Gloves

39. Nail Clippers

40. Mini Flashlight

41. Coins

42. Pencil Grips

43. Elastic Sport Headbands

44. Sweatbands

45. Alphabet Magnets

46. Number Magnets

47. Pencil Toppers

48. Shoe Laces

49. Croc Charms

50. Mini Magnifier

51. Keychain Pop-Its

52. Monkey Noodles Sensory Fidgets

53. Glow in the Dark Galaxy Stickers

54. Sleeping Mask

55. Tiny Magic 8 Ball

56. Pop Tubes

57. Ear Buds

58. Backpack Keychains

59. No-Tie Shoelaces

Creative Easter Egg Stuffers

Little girls Easter Egg Hunting. Plastic Egg fillers.

60. Play-Doh Minis

61. Aaron’s Mini Thinking Putty

62. Flower Seeds

63. Mini Tegu Blocks

64. Washi Tape

65. Embroidery Thread for Friendship Bracelets

66. Mini Puzzles (It’s fun to split the pieces between the eggs)

67. Coupons for privileges at home (pick a movie to watch or which restaurant to eat at).

68. Iron-On Patches

69. Stamps

70. Jacks

71. Inflatable Beach Ball

72. Whistle

73. Playfoam

74. Water Balloons

75. Mini Expandable Sphere

76. Desk Pets

77. Expandable Slug Fidget Toy

78. Realistic Ocean Figurines

79. Forest Animal Figurines

80. Geodes

Edible Easter Egg Fillers

Close up of pastel  plastic Easter Eggs hidden in the grass.

We all know that kids love snacks, treats and sweets. Especially at Easter time.

But here’s the deal:

I am ok with a few treats, but I am not about to fill their entire Easter basket and all their Easter Eggs with jelly beans and Peeps!

At the same time, I love edible Easter egg fillers because they are clutter-free consumables (meaning the kids eat them and the mess is gone!)

Below I have tried to include a variety of ideas that are both sweet and savory that you kids will enjoy.

81. Bunny Bait Trail Mix

82. Bunny Poop Marshmallows

83. Goldfish

84. Gummy Bears

85. Annie’s Organic Bunny Shaped Gummy Snacks

86. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies

87. Gummy Worms

88. Magic Sparkle Snack Mix

89. Jelly Beans

90. Mini Pretzels

91. Pink Popcorn

92. Tootsie Roll Eggs

93. Happy Hoppers Gummy Candy

94. Kinder Joy Eggs

Unique Easter Egg Stuffers

Family Easter Egg hunting plastic eggs filled with gifts.

95. Tickle Me Plant Seeds

96. Fairy Garden Seeds

97. GrowFetti

98. Biodegradable Confetti Eggs

99. Mini Handwashing Soap Sheets

100. Giant Bubble Powder

101. Wooden Easter Tokens

It would even be fun to mix a bunch of these together to make a sort of snack mix to fill the Easter Eggs.

There you have it mama! Tons of awesome ideas to stuff those Easter Eggs this year!

We hope you enjoyed this list of ideas to put in your family’s Easter Eggs this year. From toys to toiletries there is something for everyone on this list.

More Fun Easter Ideas:

What do you fill a toddler Easter egg with?

Many of the items listed above are perfect for toddlers.

You just want to be very careful that you avoid anything that would be a choking hazard. For example small toys, coins and balloons should not be given to small children.

I highly recommend you use the Safety First Small Object Choking Tester on any toys/parts you have in your home for peace of mind.

Also certain foods like popcorn should be avoided.

What Are Some Good Easter Egg Fillers for Tweens and Teens?

I am so glad you asked! I actually created an entire post that has a ton of great ideas for Easter Egg stuffers that are perfect for teens, tweens and big kids.

What do you put in Easter Eggs for Adults?

I am a firm believer that adults are just big kids, and for the most part enjoy receiving gifts just as much as anyone else.

Even I would be happy to include many of the items on this list during an Easter Egg Hunt for adults.

Some other fun ideas might include mini bottles of alcohol, money and lottery tickets.

50 Ideas for Easter Egg Fillers


  1. I’ve seen a lot of these lists but this one was by far the most helpful to find things that aren’t the first thought of things. It is actually interesting that you had mini hand sanitizers and face masks on here given this was first published in 2019 – do you have a crystal ball? 😉
    Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I really work hard on my gift posts and they are always guided and inspired by things that I have purchased for my own kids or used in my classroom that the kids really love. My goal is to avoid gift ideas that are no-brainers or just a bunch of junk that will clutter up your house and your kids won’t play with. PS – You’re right, I did add those items last year and then I forgot to update the date on the post. LOL Good catch!

  2. You sound like a very boring mom…not to mention hypocritical, I mean you don’t want to put candy in the eggs but you’ll put alcohol in adult eggs…really? Sorry, you’re way too boring for me.

  3. I really dont get how you got boring out of what you read….but boring is not what i got. She sounds creative and fun, not to mention she sounds like an amazinng mom who actually gives a shit about the health and wellness of her kids. And as for the adults eggs…adults arent children! And lastly…. She was %100 right about how kids will be getting candy from everywhere else so why not try to stir things around and come up with something other then your typical easter basket filled with candy?

  4. Thanks for the ideas. I just got some of those great little round pretzels by Snyder. They’d sound like jelly beans but tastier for adults. And Like those tiny lip balms by Ora labs. Even ,y son used those on vacation. Always easier to find girly things. Harder for the men. Got my hubby a bunch of otc readers for his Easter basket. Can always use those.

  5. I started adding notes inside the eggs.
    Hop on one foot
    Count to “5”- adjust by age
    Hug someone
    Close your eyes, touch your nose
    I Spy-…
    A fun thing, playing I spy-
    Use the color of the plastic egg,
    It’s hilarious kids and adults take a while to guess the egg!!!

  6. This was so helpful! Lots of mind-opening ideas. We still include candy in our egg hunts, but was trying to come up with other items too. We usually put lotto tickets, and money too. I’ve also put dental floss in some of the eggs that the adults thought were useful for themselves as well as their children.
    You are definitely not a boring mom!
    Thank you!

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