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The 30 Easy Easter Activities for Kids

The Easter bunny is on his way and you are looking for some fun crafts, snacks and games to celebrate. Check out this list of easy Easter activities for kids to do at home and make Easter extra fun this year!

Easter Activities for Kids

***2021 Update*** This post now contains 30 Easter games, crafts and activities that your kids will love. I initially created the post with just 14 ideas, but I found so many more to share that I added more this year.

Fun Easter Activities for Kids

One of my goals of this site is to share simple ways to make family time meaningful and special.

Our children feed off our energy and if we are stressed and overwhelmed they will notice.

At the same time, if you are relaxed and joyful they will notice that too.

And today we’re talking about Easter.

As an elementary school teacher, and mom I feel like I have a pretty good touch on the pulse of what kids love.

At the same time, I have a keen eye for activities and crafts that are low-prep and don’t make a huge mess….sound good?

Below you will find easy and fun Easter activities to do at home this year including crafts, snacks and games that your kids will love!

Although things are starting to get back to normal in parts of our country, many of us will be sticking close to home for our Easter celebrations.

The good thing about Easter is that I feel like this isn’t such a huge change. I know that for us Easter has traditionally been a holiday that we celebrate at home and don’t typically not a time when we gather with extended family.

That being said, there are a lot of community and church events that won’t be taking place so I wanted to put together a list of activities that families can do at home to keep Easter fun and festive.

This list is full of simple and fun ideas that your kids will love!

Easy at home Easter Activities for kids
  1. Make and Easter Egg Sun Catcher
  2. Put pairs of matching jelly beans inside of plastic Easter eggs and play an edible game of Memory.
  3. Get crafty and create an Easter Bunny out of Marshmallows
  4. Spray paint eggs with glow in the dark paint and have a Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg hunt
  5. Have fun making your own DIY paper plate Easter baskets
  6. Paint with shaving cream while making beautiful Marbled Paper Easter Eggs
  7. Try this mess-free painting technique on these Doily Easter Eggs
  8. Make your own Bunny Bait Snack Mix
  9. Make Easter Cookies
  10. Give these Easter Egg Cone Treats to friends and neighbors
  11. Do a good ol’ fashioned egg toss back and forth between two partners to see how long you can last without breaking the egg
  12. Have and English Muffin Bunny Pizza for lunch
  13. Plant jelly beans and see them “magically” turn into lollipops overnight
  14. Go on an Easter Scavenger Hunt
  15. Play a game of “Chubby Bunny” with jelly beans, Peeps or regular marshmallows
  16. Play the Carrot Toss Game
  17. Decorate Paper Easter Eggs with pasta
  18. Compete to see who can roll an egg on the ground, using only their nose a designated distance, the fastest
  19. Do this fizzy Easter Science experiment
  20. Make Fluffy Easter Slime
  21. Play Easter Bingo
  22. Paint Rocks to look like Easter Eggs and hide them in the yard
  23. Make an Easter Bunny mask
  24. Cut egg shapes out of paper and paint them with pom poms
  25. Paint a picture by stamping with Easter bunny peeps dipped into paint
  26. Make bunny shaped pasta for dinner
  27. Make Jello and use Easter Cookie Cutters to create fun shapes
  28. Decorate Eggs with stickers
  29. Make Bunny Butt Pancakes for Breakfast
  30. Make edible Easter Eggs from rice cereal treats
  31. Play the Jelly Bean Pick Up Game

There you have it! Over 30 easy and fun Easter activities for kids to do at home this year – well, for the whole family actually!

More Easter Ideas:

We would love to hear from you! Please share your favorite Easter activity below!

Easy Easter Activities for Kids

Awesome At Home Easter Activities for Kids


  1. These are brilliant tips, thanks for sharing.I do find Easter weekend long (for me) as I have to work and the kids are home,glad you shared this, will have easy games to play that will not require too much energy and does not demand my creative side because I`m not a creative person serious, even painting easter eggs is an effort.

  2. Hi, Thank you so much for this post! I’m the least creative person ever when it comes to planning activities for my kids. Every time I see those super fun moms on Pinterest, I feel like the worst mom ever! But this Easter I’m going to give a couple of these activities a try: glow in the dark Easter eggs? Yes please!!

  3. I love ALL of these ideas! I can’t wait to try glow in the dark easter egg hunting with my son! He’ll love it! Thanks for the ideas!

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