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30 No Bake Easter Treats: Easy and Delicious Recipes

I’m obsessed with easy desserts and these No Bake Easter Treats are just the sort of thing I like to make for our holiday gatherings. I know you are going to love them too.

30 no bake Easter desserts and treats.

If you’re looking for no-bake desserts, then this list of 30 easy no-bake Easter treats is the one for you! From chocolatey treats to fruity dessert options, there’s something on this list that will satisfy every craving.

Easy No-Bake Easter Treats Everyone will Love!

Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner.

This means that I am already planning our menu for our annual Easter Brunch – one of our family’s favorite Easter Traditions.

Between brunch, church, Easter Egg Hunts, and dinnertime Easter tends to be a busy day for most families. That’s I like to keep things as simple as possible.

This is especially true when it comes to desserts.

My secret to keeping our Easter celebration goodies nice and easy is to go with a no-bake recipe.

Not only does this save a ton of time, but it also frees up the oven for other dishes.

Over the years I’ve collected a number of no-bake Easter themed treat recipes and I’ve organized them to share with you today!

If your looking for the perfect spring treat or Easter dessert that your family and friends will love these super easy no bake recipes that don’t require a ton of prep time or hot oven.

Simple recipes like these are also a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen since many of them don’t require any actual cooking at all.

The list below contains a ton of ideas including no bake cookies, cakes, treats and more!

no bake easter desserts

More Easy Easter Ideas:

No Bake Easter Treats

No Cook Easter Treats

Don’t these yummy sweets look amazing?

There are so many to choose from, but since they are so easy to make you might find the time to do a few of them.

No matter what you decide, I hope that you have wonderful Easter and that you have fun creating memories and enjoying some yummy treats with your family.

Individual no bake Easter cheescakes. No bake Easter treat recipes.

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