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100 Genius Places to Hide Easter Eggs for Kids

Thinking of the best places to hide Easter eggs can be hard. Today, let’s look at some of the best hiding spots for younger kids and older kids so that everyone can have fun hunting! Once Easter morning rolls around, this list full of new hiding spots will help you not only hide eggs but also have so much fun doing it. Stop stressing over thinking of the perfect spot, and let the creative hiding spots on this list save you a lot of time. 

Green plastic Easter Egg hidden in the bottom of a downspout.

I’m a huge fan of finding a great hiding spot for those colorful eggs, and I like to change it up every year. No matter if you’re hosting an outdoor Easter egg hunt or having your annual hunt indoors, this list is a fun way to think of new and creative places.

The Easter holiday is all about spending time with the whole family, so wasting time and stressing over the perfect place doesn’t need to happen. This is where I come in! 

With a little planning, this list of good hiding places will make your next Easter egg hunt a breeze! 

The Best Places to Hide Easter Eggs

Child finding Easter eggs hidden in bushes.

1. Inside a vase

2. In the mailbox

3. In the tire swing

4. Next to a tree

5. Up in a tree

6. Under the bed

7. Under a rock

8. Behind books

9. In their car seat

10. In a flower bed

11. Under the dog bed

12. In the kitchen sink

13. Under the kitchen rug

14. In a pile of leaves

Kids looking for Easter Eggs hidden in a pile of leaves during and Easter Egg Hunt.

15. In plain sight

16. Inside the cookie jar

17. Inside a kitchen drawer

18. In the garden

19. Next to the fruit bowl

20. Inside a carton of eggs

21. In jacket pockets

22. On top of a car tire

23. Under the trampoline

24. In the bottom of a downspout

Green plastic easter egg hidden in the bottom of a downspout.

25. Inside empty toilet paper rolls

26. Inside the washing machine

27. Next to the dryer

28. Under a favorite toy

29. Anywhere in the laundry room

30. Inside the vegetable drawer in the fridge

31. Underneath the table

32. Balancing on short tree branches

Yellow plastic Easter egg hidden in a tree.

33. Inside a gardening glove

34. In empty coffee mugs

35. In an tissue box

36. Inside the cereal box

37. Inside the BBQ grill

38. In their bicycle helmet

39. In the basket of their bicycle

40. In the passenger seat of the car

41. Behind the curtains

Plastic Easter Eggs hidden indoors behind a long curtain.

42. Under their pillow

43. On a fence post

44. Inside the bathtub

45. Under the lampshade

46. In the dog house

47. Under the front door mat

48. In the dishwasher

49. Hidden in all their stuffed animals

50. In their favorite book

51. Next to the side of the house

52. In the toothbrush drawer

53. In an empty ice cream container

54. In their high chair

55. Next to the slide

56. In the couch cushions

Kids finding Easter eggs hidden in the couch cushions.

57. In the hallway closet

58. Under a stack of towels

59. In the snack drawer

60. In a bowl filled with Jelly Beans

61. In their school lunch box

62. In their backpack

63. In their roller skates or sports shoes

64. Next to garden gnomes

65. At the local park

66. Next to an inflatable Easter Bunny

67. Mixed in with chocolate eggs 

68. Inside a kitchen cabinet

69. In the treehouse

70. In a potted plant

Blue polka dot Easter egg hidden in a potted plant.

71. In the sandbox

72. In the coiled up garden hose

73. Inside their Easter Sunday dress or hat

74. Mixed in with the small toys

75. Inside your purse

76. Inside the sock drawer

77. Next to the cat food or dog food bowl

78. In a bowl of popcorn

79. Inside a baseball glove

80. At the top of the stairs

81. In their bowl of cereal

82. By the TV remote

83. Next to their video game console

84. In the flower beds

Plastic Easter eggs hidden in a flower bed.

85. By the alarm clock

86. In their rainboots

87. In the window sill

88. By the coffee pot

89. In the hands of a family member

90. In the freezer

91. In a slipper

92. In the fruit basket

93. In a dollhouse

94. With their action figures

95. In the junk drawer

96. With the art & craft supplies

97. In the birdbath

98. In the birdhouse

99. In the front door wreath

100. Behind framed pictures on a shelf

There you have it! 100 Indoor and Outdoor Easter Egg hiding spots. I hope this list gives you plenty of ideas for your best Easter Egg Hunt yet!

What do I put inside Easter Eggs?

There are so many cute items that can be added to those colorful eggs. Little kids love tinker toys, quarters and dimes, or loads of their favorite candy. 

For the older kids, food items and cash always seem to do the drink.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can fill the plastic Easter eggs full of clues to lead the kids on a fun scavenger hunt.

The sky is the limit on what you can add! (just remember the weather – chocolate and heat don’t mix well!) 

How do I know when the kids have found the last egg? 

This is the one thing that is important to remember when hiding all those eggs. Keep count of how many you hid so that you can be certain when they’ve all been found.

I recommend printing a copy of this list and highlighting the places that you have hidden the eggs.

You can also make a quick map and mark the spots that you have hidden the eggs.

I had one year that I found an egg about two weeks later and forgot that I’d hidden it there! Keep a count in your head, and then have the kids count once the excitement has died down a bit and no one is finding any other eggs. 

How do I hide eggs before the kids wake up?

This is all about balancing that talent of being a parent and the Easter Bunny at the same time. Some people have kiddos that go to bed early, and they use that time to hide the eggs around the house. 

That only works if you have kids that will stay asleep through the night and not wake up and have an Easter egg hunt without you. 

The easiest way that I have found to hide eggs before everyone wakes up, is to set my alarm and do it in the morning hours. I make a plan in my head about where I’m going to hide them, and I have them already filled and ready to hide.

That way, when the alarm goes off, I’m ready to move quickly and hide them in the perfect place.