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30 Simple Easter Traditions Your Family Will Love

Family traditions are a simple and meaningful way to create memories and establish a rhythm throughout the year. Today I am sharing my favorite ideas to inspire you to start your own Easter traditions with your family.

An overhead shot of Easter eggs, flowers, and building blocks spelling out EASTER, child's hands playing with blocks.

Fun Easter Traditions for Families

As the frost of winter fades and the sun starts to emerge you can’t help but think about what spring represents:

  • A fresh start
  • New beginnings
  • Rebirth

And that is what Easter is all about!

Easter is such a fun holiday to celebrate. It’s also the perfect time to pass down or establish new traditions with your children.

Today I am sharing tons of ideas to inspire you to include a few new activities in your Easter celebration this year.

Whether you are looking for classic Easter traditions (those are at the bottom) or something new for this year, this list has got you covered!

28 Great Family Traditions to Start This Easter

There’s no better way to start any holiday than to wake up to a surprise.

That’s why we all love the magic of Christmas morning – right?

Well, you can re-create that same excitement and anticipation at Easter-time with these fun Easter morning traditions to surprise your kids….or anyone that you love!

1. Fill a Room Full of Eggs

While your children are sleeping, blow up a bunch of balloons and then decorate them with washi tape or stickers to look like Easter Eggs.

Sneak into their bedroom and fill their space with the egg-like balloons.

No time to get crafty?

Grab these pre-decorated balloons to make it even easier.

A collage of three images showing how to make Washi Tape Easter Egg Balloons
From Oh Happy Day

2. Create Bunny Tracks

Use a chalk or this peel-n-stick version, to create a bunny trail that leads to your home. Your kiddos will be amazed to see “proof” that the Easter Bunny came.

Pink and white bunny track stickers.

3. Leave a Jelly Bean Trail

Use jelly beans to create a trail from your child’s bedroom to their Easter Basket. They will have so much fun following the edible trail!

4. Set Out a Snack for the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny works almost as hard as Santa and deserves a snack too.

Before bed allow the kids to set out a few carrots as a healthy treat for the Easter Bunny.

Be sure to take a few bites while they’re sleeping so they can wake up to find that their snack was appreciated.

5. Serve Rainbow Pancakes

A stack of rainbow pancakes topped with syrup for Easter breakfast.
From I am baker

For a quick and easy Easter breakfast simply add food coloring to your favorite pancake mix.

Make them in the colors of the rainbow and stack them high topped with whipped cream clouds.

I promise your family will look forward to this breakfast every year.

We try to avoid synthetic food dye so I recommend these natural food dyes that are perfect to add to any of your Easter treats.

6. Make Magic Milk

With all those pancakes everyone will be thirsty.

Add some strawberry puree or Strawberry Nestle’s Quick to turn the milk pink and surprise everyone.

Need an even easier idea? Slide one of these magic milk straws into their cup!


A fancy Easter morning table setting with a large bowl of cut fruit, breakfast foods, glasses, plates, and silverware.

7. Eat Easter Brunch Together

I love brunch for holiday mornings. Brunch allows for relaxed and stress free mornings since you don’t have to wake up and start cooking right away.

8. Plant a Lollipop Garden

A terra cotta pot with faux grass and tootsie pop flowers.
From: Old Salt Farm

I love this simple Easter activity.

On Saturday fill a small clay pot with soil or dry beans.

Give your children a few jelly bean “seeds” to plant in the pots before they go to bed.

While they sleep, replace the beans will lollipops that have magically grown overnight. The kids will be amazed!!!

9. Decorate an Easter Themed Cake

Baking an easter cake using dyed easter eggs; flower, milk and an egg and baking utensils on a counter.

Kids love to bake! Baking with family always seems to leave an impression that lasts beyond a lifetime. Even when our family members pass on we tend to remember those moments we spent with them in the kitchen.

Create your own memories while you let the kids have fun while you bake and decorate an Easter themed cake.

10. Surprise Your Neighbors

You’ve been egged is a great way to get your entire neighborhood in on the Easter fun. Perfect to do with church and youth groups too.

11. Host a Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

If you have older kids this themed Easter egg hunt is a MUST!

You can either put glow sticks inside of plastic eggs, or you can paint plastic or real eggs with glow in the dark paint.

Wait until the sun goes down (or turn off the lights indoors) and have fun hunting for eggs in the dark. Be sure to provide everyone with their own glow bracelets and necklaces so they can be seen outside.

12. Bake Easter Cookies

We all love Christmas cookies – so why not Easter cookies?

You can find really cute cookie cutters and sprinkles that will make the process easy and fun.

No time for baking from scratch? There’s no shame in the holiday dough from Pillsbury. Saves you time and stress and the kids will still have a great time.

13. Play an Easter Game

Here is a list of fun Easter games you can play together.

14. Make Bird Feeders

As spring begins all the birds that left for winter will be making their way back through. Welcome them home with a simple bird feeder that the kids can make with just a few supplies.

15. Make an Easter Craft

Follow my Easter and spring fun board on Pinterest for simple and fun crafts to make together.

16. Go on an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

This free printable scavenger hunt will put a fun twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt. This version is awesome because it has customized clues depending on the ages of your kids from toddlers to teenagers.

17. Fly Kites

In our area, Easter tends to be during a really windy time of year. Why not make it an annual tradition to bring out the kites and spend the afternoon watching them fly!

18. Give new rain gear

Rain gear (boots, jackets and umbrellas) are something that my children outgrow every year. Easter is the perfect time to surprise them with a new set!

19. Go Puddle Stomping

Now it’s time to put that new rain gear to good use. If it happens to be raining on Easter, gear up and head out for some fun splashing in the puddles.

20. Buy Easter Outfits

As a child I remember how much fun it was to buy my Easter dress.

Now that I have kids of my own I cherish our annual Easter outfit shopping day.

In order to get the most use out of the “fancy” clothes my daughter wears her Easter dress to the annual Father-Daughter dance at school. We also will wear them for spring family photos.

21. Make Jello Eggs

Giant Jell-O Eggs are just so much fun. All you need are the molds and some creativity.

22. Decorate an Easter Tree

Pick a tree in your yard and hang plastic eggs with some string. It’s a beautiful and easy way to decorate for the holiday.

23. Build a Peep Birdhouse

My kids love Peeps and Easter is the only time I let them have one package. Just use Graham crackers and frosting to build a simple house and then place a marshmallow peep inside!

24. Classic Easter Traditions in America

If you grew up in America you are most likely familiar with the basics – but it’s good to review.

I was also thinking that maybe some of you haven’t celebrated Easter before and you’re looking to see what everyone else does… 😉

25. Dyeing Easter Eggs

Probably everyone’s favorite Easter tradition (at least it was mine as a child…and still is).

The basics steps are hard boiling eggs and then dyeing or decorating them to hide for an Easter egg hunt. There are tons of methods for dyeing your eggs including using food coloring,  natural dyes or special user-friendly kits like the one’s below.

26. Easter Baskets

Similar to Santa bringing gifts to children on Christmas, baskets are often given to children as gifts from the Easter Bunny.

They are pretty much the spring version of a Christmas stocking.

Typically, the Easter baskets are filled with all sorts of small gifts like candy and toys. Later, the baskets are used to collect eggs during the Easter Egg Hunt.

27. Easter Egg Hunt

Remember those eggs that were dyed?

Well, overnight the Easter Bunny came and hid them in the grass outside. Or at least, that’s how the tradition goes.

Then all the children will go out and try their best to find as many eggs as possible. There are a lot of variations for how to plan your hunt in order to avoid or create chaos and excitement.

I know of some families who assign a color to each child to ensure that everyone gets to find some eggs. While others hide a “golden egg” that entitles the finder to a large prize or even money hidden inside.

28. The Easter Bunny

You know Santa Clause?

Well, originally the Easter Bunny was the furry, animal version of Santa. In Germany it was told that the Easter Bunny would come at night to surprise kids who had been good with their Easter Baskets.

More Easter Ideas:

There you have it mama! Plenty of inspiration for you to start your own!

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