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33 Awesome Easter Egg Fillers for Tweens and Teens

It can be tricky to think of Easter egg fillers for tweens, and even teens for that matter. Today we’ve got you covered with some fun egg stuffers that big kids will love too.

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I am a firm believer that holidays were made to be celebrated.

In our family, we like to keep things simple and festive so that we can all enjoy ourselves, but nobody ends up stressed out or overwhelmed.

It seems like it was just yesterday that the festivities involved my kids literally crawling around the backyard to find the carefully placed Easter eggs we had set out for them.

Those were the days! All we had to do was pop in a few jelly beans and everyone was happy as can be. 

Now that they are big kids I still strive to make the holidays fun, but without making them feel like they are still little kids (cue eye roll).

Besides, deep down inside I know that they love our Easter Family Traditions and would be totally disappointed if they didn’t have Easter Eggs to open.

However, this year is our first year with a tween in the house, which called for some creativity.

While candy is always a crowd pleaser, I knew I was going to have to step up my game.

Thankfully, I was able to come up with a list of over 30 guaranteed-to-please Easter Egg fillers that are tween and teen approved.

I have a son and daughter, so I made sure to put ideas on the list that would work for boys and girls. I would also say that the gifts on this list would be perfect for kids between 11-18.

Easter Egg Gifts Just for Tweens and Teens

A young tweet girl holding Easter eggs and wearing bunny ears. Text overlay reads "tween and teen easter egg fillers".

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Now on to the list:

1. Backpack Pins

2. Sam & Nala Mayan Worry Dolls

3. Lip balm

4. Hair Ties

5. Smart Fitness Tracker

6. Face Masks

7. Money

8. Leather Bracelets

9. LED Fairy Light Strand

10. Wireless Ear Buds

11. Gum

12. Pop Rocks

13. Water Bottle Stickers

14. Mini Flashlights

15. Personal Safety Whistle

16. VSCO Friendship Bracelets

17. Smart Watch

18. Necklace

19. Miniature Bike Repair Kit

20. Key Chain

21. Rings

22. Washi-Tape

23. Scrunchies

24. Thinking Putty Minis

25. Nail Polish Minis

26. Shoelaces

27. Bath Bombs

28. Cute Paper Clips

29. Hacky Sack

30. USB Cables

31. Worry Stone

32. Carabiners

33. Survival Bracelet

There you have it mama! Tons of fun and useful Easter Egg ideas for older kids.

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