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50 Clean Family Movies to Watch This Year (2024 Edition)

Welcome to your ultimate guide to good clean family movies. Whether you’re searching for family movie night or just looking for something for the kids to watch, this list has got you covered!

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All the Best Family-Friendly Movies

Have you ever noticed that there are a million movies out there, but when you sit down as a family to watch one, you can’t find anything good?

That’s part of what makes finding a good clean movie to watch such a challenge – you know they’re out there…you just can’t remember what they are.

As a mom and teacher I know how hard it is to find decent movies to watch with kids.

There is nothing worse, than sitting down to watch a movie together and end up needing to:

  • Plug their ears
  • Cover their eyes
  • Or even turn it off 

So today I am sharing a list of our family’s favorite movies to watch together, that we’re sure you will love too.

Just a few notes before we get started:


This list only includes movies with G and PG ratings. For the most part, they avoid bad language and other inappropriate content. That being said, rating standards have changed over time so be sure to pre-screen the movies to make sure you are comfortable with the content.


As a general rule of thumb, I am pretty particular when it comes to what I consider to be appropriate for kids to watch. Same goes for movies I show in my classroom. However, my guidelines and world-view may not align with yours. Ultimately, you are in charge of your family and the types of media they are exposed to. Please be sure to use your own judgement to decide if these movies are appropriate for your family.

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On to the list!

Clean Family Movies: G Rated

We are going to start with the best movies that are appropriate for all audiences.

From new releases to classics, this list includes movies that kids and grown ups will love.

You'll notice that at this rating level, many of the movies are animated. I have done my best to include as many live-action movies as I could find, but they are few and far between (there are many more in the PG rated movies in the next section)

See! Just look how many G-Rated, family movies there are.

In the next section we will be sharing our favorite PG rated movies.

To be honest, I was surprised at how many movies that I thought were G rated are actually PG. So again, please use your own judgement, but I am sure some of your favorites from when you were a kid are on this list (and look, you turned out just fine!) 😉

The Best PG Family Movies

This list is full of family classics that the entire family will love (many of which you probably already do).

I also tried to include some that you've never heard of before.

I hope that your family enjoys these as much as mine has.

There you have it! Over 50 movies to watch on Amazon Prime with your family.

top 50 Good Clean Family Movies on Amazon Prime

The Best Good Clean Family Movies (2021 Edition)


  1. There seems to be some good movies listed we haven’t seen. It’s hard to find a movie that’s good for middle grades (older than 10) and also isn’t a mind-numbing experience for the adult-lol. I noticed Yes Day was on this list. We just watched it recently. It was a hoot!

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