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The Best Kids Science Shows on YouTube (According to a Teacher)

This list has the top 10 best YouTube channels for kids who love science. Your kids will love the awesome DIY experiments and mind blowing facts that they will learn about in these videos.

Kids doing an elephant toothpast science experiment that they saw on YouTube.

The Best YouTube Science Channels for Kids

As a former scientist, current elementary school teacher and mom of two young kids, I am feeling pretty good about my selections for this list.

If you have a little scientist in your house or you are hoping to inspire a love of science, these channels have got you covered.

From kitchen DIY science experiments to random scientific facts, these awesome YouTube videos are fun for the entire family to watch.

I promise you will not find a better list of science videos for kids anywhere else.

This list has all of my favorites that I use in the classroom and even watch at home just for fun.

I am sure you will love them as much as I do!

10 Kid Friendly Science Channels on YouTube

Encourage your kids to experiment, explore and investigate their world with these inspiring YouTube science channels.

There you have it mama! All the best science videos for kids!

Image shows little kids watching a fun science experiment. Image text overlay reads "10 awesome science YouTube Channels for Kids"

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