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50 Super Inspiring Movies for Kids and Teens

Movies are a great way to inspire kids and teens. In fact, when kids connect with the characters in the movies they can teach important life lessons, introduce new ideas, and motivate young people to achieve their dreams. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 50 inspiring movies for kids of all ages. These family-friendly films are sure to encourage your children and get them excited about the possibilities that life has to offer!

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Inspiring Movies to Watch as a Family

As parents, there are so many lessons that we want our kids to learn.

From responsibility and gratitude to cleaning up after yourself and being a good friend. there is so much to teach and so little time.

That’s why we love inspiring movies for kids!

Movies can serve as great conversation starters to help teach important life lessons in a fun and entertaining way that is non-confrontational.

While watching a movie, children can learn essential lessons from the experiences of the characters without having to go through the actual hardship and challenge themselves.

Films also serve as a great way for kids to connect with others in order to realize that they are not alone in the challenges they face.

They are also much more likely to be receptive to relaxing and watching a movie than being preached at by an authority figure.

If your kiddo is going through a tough time or is heading into a challenging situation, then consider one of these inspiring and motivational movies to watch as a family.

These 50 inspiring movies for kids are sure to fill your children with hope, courage, and determination!

Our Favorite Inspiring Movies for Kids

Inspiring movies for kids.

Below you will find a list of the most inspiring movies for kids,

We’ve included a mix of both newer films and classics, as well as a few animated options because we know that not all kids are ready for live-action just yet.

The list is organized by rating from G to PG-13 and they also include a recommended viewing age, based on personal beliefs and experiences as a parent and teacher.

As always, we recommend that you watch the movie first to determine if it is appropriate for your child and aligns with your family’s beliefs and values.

More Movies Your Family Will Love

Inspiring Kid's Movies [Rated G]

The following inspiring films are rated G and are appropriate for kids of all ages.

These films have themes of courage, hope, determination, and resilience that are perfect for inspiring young minds.

Inspirational Movies for Kids [Rated PG]

The following inspiring films are rated PG and are appropriate for older elementary-age children.

These movies have more intense themes that may not be suitable for younger children, but they offer great messages of hope, courage, and determination.

Inspiring Movies for Teens and Tweens [Rated PG-13]

The following inspiring films are rated PG-13 and are appropriate for tweens and teens.

These movies have more mature themes and may include mild violence or language.

However, they also include some powerful stories that are sure to inspire kids and adults of all ages.

Animated Movies that are Sure to Inspire

We created a special category just for animated movies with a variety of ratings.

Each of these inspiring animated movies has unique messages that kids and adults can enjoy and learn from.

Final Thoughts

In this list of inspirational for kids and teens, we’ve highlighted some of the best films with positive messages that will resonate with young people. Whether you’re looking for a movie to watch on a family night or you need something to give your kiddo motivation and courage in difficult times, these films are sure to inspire.

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