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5 Must-See Kid-Friendly Family Rooms

Is it possible to create a kid-friendly family room that still looks like adults live there too? Absolutely! Just follow these tips and find inspiration to create a safe and comfortable space for everyone to enjoy.

Kid-friendly family room without clutter or dangerous objects that can be broken.

Kid Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Looking for ideas to keep your family room feeling comfy and cozy, while also keeping your little one safe?

Then you are going to love these spaces I found for inspiration.

The 5 Elements of Kid Friendly Family Room Decor

1) Storage ottomans

Storage ottomans are a must for any home with children. They provide a convenient spot to store toys, shoes and blankets and serve double duty as seating, step stools, and the ever-so-popular perfect time-out spots.

2) Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are perfect for curling up and getting cozy with your little one while you are watching a movie, but they are also super functional too. We recommend purchasing a few so that you can use them to put down on the floor for play or snack time. Be sure they are washing-machine safe, that way you can just toss them in if when they get messy. Throw blankets are also a must to have on hand for spur of the moment, living room fort building.

3) Throw pillows with removable covers

Throw pillows with removable covers are a must! This was a lesson learned from a veteran in the trenches. We once spent hundreds of dollars on new throw pillows. There was no way we could afford, nor have the time to constantly be taking them to be dry cleaned. Life is much easier when you have throw pillows with removable and washable covers. It also allows you to be much more calm when your little one lays their PB&J covered cheek down on your pillows!

4) Coffee table with rounded edges and storage

Coffee tables are fantastic! You can use them to prop up your feet after a long day, but your child can use them to create a 2-inch gash on their forehead that requires 12 stitches. Instead choose a lift top coffee table with storage and rounded corners to keep the little ones safe while creating a ton of storage for toys and blankets.

5) Washable area rugs

Whether you have tile, wood, or carpet every family room seems much cozier with an area rug. They can protect your original flooring from wear and tear and they allow you a soft place to lay on the floor and play Monopoly on family game night.

These amazing washable area rugs are perfect for families. If your kids spill or leave muddy footprints, just toss it in the washing machine and it’s good as new!

Kid-Friendly Decor Inspiration

These are some of the best examples of kid-friendly family rooms I have found.

I hope these inspiration rooms help you to see how you can set up your own family room to be practical yet functional for your family.

There you have it – The 5 elements of kid friendly living room decor. Now you can go ahead and pin your heart out looking at family room décor ideas – just be sure to incorporate these 5 elements and you will be sure to enjoy your kid friendly family room for years to come. 

We would love to hear from you! What is your biggest home décor challenge with children? Please comment below.

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  1. Such great ideas! I am looking to get a new couch but I am so nervous about my kids getting it dirty. The throw pillows are such a good idea! My friend recently told me about a great upholstery cleaning service that can get a lot of stains out, so that’s something I’ll have to keep in mind as well. Thanks again for the tips!

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