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The 30 Best Winter-Themed Movies for Kids

Looking for a great movie to cozy up and watch with the kids that isn’t a Christmas movie?

These winter-themed movies are just what you need. Inside you’ll find comedies, documentaries, and animated movies that are perfect for watching with the whole family when it’s cold outside. So grab a blanket and some hot chocolate and enjoy these kid-friendly winter movies.

30 BEST WINTER MOVIES FOR KIDS. Cozy kids in pajamas watching a winter movie with popcorn.

The Best Winter Movies That Kids Love

The winter months are long, cold, and dark for most of us. That means the kids are spending more time inside looking for things to do.

While there are plenty of winter activities to keep kids busy, it’s also the perfect time to cozy up and bond as a family as you watch one of these snow day movies.

Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming movie, something funny and lighthearted, or an exciting adventure story, there’s sure to be something in our list of the top winter movies that kids will love.

Below you’ll find a ton of feel-good movies that are perfect for your next family movie night.

So grab some popcorn and settle in with your family (or classroom) while you enjoy one of these kid-friendly films.

More Movie Ideas for Kids:

Must-Watch Winter Movies for Kids

Whether you’re looking for something funny or inspiring, each of these winter movies offers unique stories with lessons about friendship, courage, and determination – perfect messages to get us through this chilly season!

Full of important life lessons and snowy weather, I’m sure these family friendly movies will be the perfect cold weather activity for your family.

So grab some popcorn and pick one (or two) of these winter-themed movies and get cozy while you cuddle up with the kids!

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