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50 Fun Things to Do at Night with Kids: Family Activities

Looking for fun things to do with kids at night? This list is full of family-friendly activities and ideas the kids will love!

Family activities to do at night with kids.

The evenings are a great time for bonding and family fun. Whether you’re looking for something to do with your children before bedtime, or something to do after dinner, this list of activities is sure to give you some inspiration!

No doubt, you’ve done a ton of family activities during the day.

In fact, pretty much every kid-friendly event is planned during daylight hours. 

But what can you do with kids at night?

The Best Evening Activities for Kids

Shadow of family having fun together outside at night.

For many working parents the evenings are the only time they have to spend together, which can prove to be a challenge when so many traditional activities take place during the daytime.

Whether you’re trying to plan a family fun night, or just looking to get out of the house and create some lasting memories with your kids there are plenty of fun activities to do with kids of all ages after the sun goes down – you just have to think outside the box. 

Today we are sharing 50 fun nighttime activities you can do with kids in any town.

What Can I Do With My Kids at Night?

Even if you don’t think your town is the most exciting place to live, we promise there are plenty of things for families to do after dark.

Most towns and cities offer a number of evening events that will allow everyone in the family to get involved: from music and theater performances at local venues, or outdoor movies on an inflatable screen, to amusement parks and zoos that stay open later than usual.

Whether you’re travelling or staying home the list below is full of activities you can do in the evening hours with kids indoors, outdoors and all around town.

No matter where you are we’ve got you covered with this awesome list of evening activities you can do with kids.

1. Take a Moonlight Hike

Many parks and nature preserves offer guided hikes at night by the light of the full moon. This can be a great way to get out of the house after dinner as a family. Plus, there are many benefits for kids who hike in the dark – they’re less likely to become overheated because there isn’t as much sun and it’s a great way to introduce young kids to nocturnal creatures.

2. Family Movie Night

family movie night

Cozy up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite family movie. If you’re in need of some ideas, check out our list of 50 Family Movies to Watch Together.

3. Campout in the backyard

A backyard campout is a great way to spend time together and create memories kids will never forget! If you don’t have enough space in your backyard, or if it’s too cold outside, you can try a camping trip in the living room. 

4. Night at the museum

Many museums offer special offers and evening hours with kid-friendly activities. This is a great option for kids who are too young to stay up late, but still love to explore.

5. Evening at the waterpark

Many waterparks offer discounted rates after hours. This is a fantastic way for families who want to spend a summer night riding the water slides and splashing the wave pool without the crowds that you often experience during the day.

6. See a Play

There are often kid-friendly shows that take place in the evenings. Check your local live theater listings to see what’s coming up next!

7. Go to an outdoor concert

Outdoor concert | evening activities for families

Many outdoor venues host concerts in the evening. This is a fantastic way to enjoy live music and spend quality time together as a family.

8. Backyard Hide and Go Seek

Hide and Go Seek is a great game that can be played in the dark. The kids will have fun exploring their backyard, while you all find new and exciting hiding spots.

9. Go out for dessert

Enjoy a sweet treat together. Many restaurants offer menus with kid-friendly desserts, so you can all sample something yummy and bond over some delicious sweets.

10. Rock-n-Bowl

Many bowling alleys offer late night bowling, or even black light mini-bowling. This is a great option for families who want to be active and have fun together.

11. Formal dinner night

Get all dressed up and take the kids out for a fancy dinner. Go to your favorite restaurant, or even create your own pretend restaurant at home.

12. Nighttime Scavenger Hunt

Take your family out after dark and challenge them with finding things around the neighborhood. Or you could hide clues around the backyard. Simply, create a list of things for your kids to find, and have them race against each other to complete the list.

13. Family Paint Night

Get creative and paint a unique piece of art together. You can find step-by-step instructions online, or even create your own unique design. Almost every town has a painting studio offering group painting sessions or you can order complete DIY kits online.

14. Visit the Zoo

Many zoos offer after-hours events that include activities and entertainment. This is a great option for kids who love animals but have already been to the zoo during the day. Visiting at night provides a unique experience that your entire family will enjoy.

15. Stargaze in the backyard

Go out into your backyard and find a cozy spot to lie down on the grass. Look up at the sky together, and see how many constellations you can spot.

16. Flashlight Tag

This is a fun game that you can play in the backyard. You’ll need one flashlight per person. To play, you can split into teams or have every player fend for himself. When the game starts, someone will turn off the lights and count to 30. Once they say go, everyone will turn on their flashlights and start chasing each other. If the person who is “it” catches you in the beam of your light, your out! The last player remaining wins!

17. Build a backyard campfire and roast s’mores

Kids roasting marshmallows | Things to do with kids at night

Turn on the fire pit, or build your own campfire and gather around while you make smores and tell ghost stories.

18. Visit a Children’s Museum

Many children’s museums offer family nighttime events. This is a great option to explore exhibits and play games together as a family after hours. Perfect for working parents who aren’t usually able to take their younger kids during business hours.

19. Trampoline Park

Most trampoline parks offer discounted rates in the evening. This is a fun way to burn off energy, while also getting fit together.

20. Drive-in Movie Theaters

Drive-in theaters are making a comeback and are another great option for family night. It’s a fun novelty, and you can all sit in the back of your car with snacks while enjoying a movie together.

21. Go Roller Skating

Family skate night at roller rink | Night time activities to do with kids

Many roller skating rinks offer discounted rates after hours, and this is a great way to get active together. This can be done as an individual family or amplify the fun by inviting multiple families to go skate at the same time.

22. Mini Golf

Miniature golf courses are an evening family tradition. The lights bring a fun element to the game, and you can all enjoy time together.

23. Arcade

Many arcades offer late night special deals, or even all-night arcade parties. Play the night away with skee ball, pinball, and arcade games. This is a great way to get active together while having fun!

24. Amusement Park

An amusement park is perfect for evening family fun. If your kids love roller coasters and kid-friendly attractions, this is a great way to enjoy the thrills together after hours. Discounted rates are usually available after a certain time each day to help cut down on costs too.

25. Indoor Rock Climbing

This is a great way to enjoy time together as a family while challenging each other physically and having fun! The family that belays together stays together!

26. Catch a Baseball Game

Many minor league baseball teams offer discounted tickets for evening games. This is a great way to spend time together while enjoying America’s favorite pastime!

27. Go Kart Racing

Kids indoor go kart racing at night

Racing go karts is a fun evening activity that is great for young adrenaline junkies who love speed (and the adults will have a blast too).

28. Chuck E Cheese

Who doesn’t love Chuck E Cheese? This quintessential American establishment is the perfect place to enjoy time together as a family while the kids are occupied with games all evening long. Bonus – grab some pizza for dinner while you’re there!

29. Go out for Mocktails and Appetizers

Little kids don’t have the patience to sit still and behave for an entire meal at a restaurant. Instead, just pop in for drinks and appetizers. Skip the typical fountain drinks and order some fun mocktails.

30. Feast at a Food Truck

Food trucks are popping up everywhere, and they offer some of the best food around. Ditch the traditional restaurant scene for a night out with family at your favorite food truck in your area.

31. Escape Room

Many escape rooms offer family packages, so you can all work together to solve the puzzles and complete your mission. This is a fun way for the whole family to spend time together while bonding and working toward a common goal.

32. Play Glow in the Dark Cornhole

This is a fun twist on the classic tailgate game that everyone can enjoy. It’s even more epic when played at night with glow in the dark equipment!

33. Glow Stick Pool Party

If you’re looking for an evening activity with the family a pool party is perfect. Add some glow sticks to your drinks, toss them in the pool and play fun games like Marco Polo or Keep Away.

34. Cook dinner over a campfire

Camping is a great family activity, and cooking dinner over an open fire adds some fun to the mix. But you don’t have to drive into the mountains to enjoy a camp-style dinner. Grab a pack of hot dogs or ingredients for kebabs and watch as everyone enjoys cooking their dinner over an open flame.

35. Blacklight sidewalk chalk

This is a fun twist on classic sidewalk chalk that turns the nighttime into an artistic adventure. Set up a blacklight in your garage or driveway and create eye-popping artwork. You can check out these easy sidewalk chalk ideas for kids to get started.

36. Backyard movie night

Looking for a cheap and easy way to enjoy time together as a family? Throw on some pajamas, grab your favorite snacks and drinks, crank up the projector and watch your favorite movie from childhood. All you need is a fence, wall, sheet or inflatable screen. A wonderful option for late night family fun right in your own backyard .

37. See the city lights

Head up to a high point in the city and admire the twinkling lights that reach into the night sky. Kids will have fun finding local landmarks lit up at night.

38. Glow in the dark capture the flag

Kids love games, especially when they involve the outdoors. Glow in the dark capture the flag is perfect for a night time game that can be played anywhere there’s enough room to run!

39. County Fair Fun

If you live near a county fair, it’s time to enjoy all of the fun activities together as a family. Go on rides, eat some funnel cake and hit up all of your favorite games until the sun goes down! You’ll beat the daytime heat and all the lights will make it seem so magical.

40. Top Golf

Top Golf is a great place to spend the evening with kids. Rain or shine you can all have fun hitting balls and laughing together.

41. Laser Tag

Laser tag is the perfect way to spend an evening with your kids. It’s exciting and fun, plus you can get in some great exercise while you’re at it!

42. Ice Skating

Rent some ice skates and head to the local ice rink. You’ll all have fun slipping and gliding around together while trying something new.

43. 9 Holes of Golf

While you won’t have time for a full game, many courses offer special discounts for twilight golf. It’s perfect for those who want to try golf but don’t have time for a full 18-hole game. A fun way to spend time in the outdoors and being active as a family.

44. Play Board Games

Family playing Jenga | Family game night

Family game night is a fun tradition that brings everyone together. Take turn choosing games to play and enjoy some family-friendly competition.

45. Play Truth or Dare

This classic childhood game is so much fun to play with kids! It’s a great way to get kids comfortable with taking risks and being silly. Check out these clean dares for kids to get your game started!

46. Stay at a local hotel

Spending the night in a hotel is an exciting thing to do at night with kids. You could even plan to eat dinner out and enjoy the pool together!

47. Sleep in the living room

Bust out your sleeping bags or pile up your mattresses for a living room campout. Your kids will love this experience and it’s a great way to have fun without spending a lot of money.

48. Vist a Planetarium

Planetariums are known for their nighttime shows that will absolutely amaze your kids. You’ll have a great time learning about the stars, solar system and our galaxy as a family.

49. Family Dance Party

Turn off the lights and pump up the music for a nighttime family dance party. It’s a great way to burn off extra energy before bedtime and bond as a family.

50. Go Out for Ice Cream

There’s no better way to end an evening with kids than to head to a local ice cream parlor for a sweet treat. A simple, yet fun activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Final Thoughts on Fun Night Activities to do With Kids

When it comes to fun things to do with kids at night the possibilities are endless. Whether you have a backyard, live near the city, or are out in the country there’s so much for your family to do in the evening.

We hope this list of evening activities to do with kids has inspired you to get out and have some fun after the sun goes down.

Keep exploring our blog for more useful advice on raising children and having fun as a family.

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