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30 Cute Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Looking for a great way to kick off your Valentine’s Day celebration with your little love bugs? Why not start first thing in the morning with one of these fun Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas for kids!?!

30 Valentine's Day Breakfast ideas for kids. Heart shaped pancakes with sprinkles and blueberries.

Fun Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes Your Kids Will Love

One of my favorite parts of raising a family is celebrating holidays together.

And once my kids came along, Valentine’s Day transitioned from a romantic holiday to an entire day for our family to celebrate our love for one another.

Over the years I’ve learned that a great way to make your kiddos feel special on Valentine’s Day is to surprise them with a cute Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Starting the day with a special breakfast is not only fun and festive, but it also puts everyone in a great mood!

You just can’t help but be happy when your breakfast is pink, heart-shaped, or has sprinkles on top.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas for kids. Whether you’re looking for cute heart-shaped pancakes or a hot pink smoothie, you’re sure to find something that your children will love!

Hot chocolate in a pink mug with a candy heart for Valentine\'s day.

More Valentine’s Day Ideas:

Now – on to the recipes!

Fun Valentine's Day Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

In addition to these fun breakfast recipes, here are some ideas to help you quickly turn any breakfast into a special Valentine’s Day meal.

1) Use holiday-themed plates, napkins, and straws

Anything pink, red or purple instantly screams Valentine’s Day and will excite your kids immediately.

2) Make everything heart-shaped

Pick up some heart shaped cookie cutters and you can make almost anything customized for Valentine’s Day.

3) Think Pink

Use fresh fruit like strawberries or raspberries to add pops of color to anything you serve. Blend them into frosting, smoothies, or pancakes to instantly turn them pink.

You can also use fun sprinkles and mixes to quickly add a Valentine’s Day flare to any item on your menu.

There you have it mama! 30 super fun Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids!

Fun Valentine\'s Day breakfasts for kids.

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