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The 14 Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Kids

A list of of the best family-friendly Valentine’s Day movies for kids. Grab some snacks and cuddle up on the couch as you enjoy these great movies all about love, family and friendship.

Valentine’s Day Movies for Kids (To Watch as a Family)

One of our favorite family traditions is Family Movie Night.

Every Friday we gather on the couch to settle in and watch a movie together.

It’s the perfect bookend to a long week – that signals the weekend is here.

Over the years it’s gotten a little cozier on the couch since our children have grown. However, as the room on my lap continues to shrink I cherish the time we have spent together.

Squished together with blankets and snacks in a darkened living room gives us a chance to bond, laugh and enjoy an activity as a family.

My hope as a mom is that this tradition lasts long after we have to get a larger sofa to accommodate their ever-growing bodies 😉

Part of the tradition is choosing what we are going to watch. The one rule is that we all have to agree.

Over the years I have found that if I have a parent-approved list of movies to choose from it makes the decision process much easier.

During the month of February we like to choose a variety of movies that evoke friendship, kindness and love.

Here is a carefully-curated list of kid-friendly movies that your family is sure to love this Valentine’s Day.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Kids

As you scroll through the suggestions on the list you will notice some traditional films that we all grew up watching in addition to new movies.

My goal was to provide a varied list that covers themes such as family, friendship and love – and were appropriate for kids.

Just a heads up – These are movies that I have deemed appropriate for my own family. Before viewing please read the ratings and watch the trailers to determine if you would like the show them in your own home.

Kids Valentine's Day Movies

I would love to know if you have a favorite family-friendly Valentine’s Day movie that I missed. If so, be sure to comment below!

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