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The 14 Sweetest Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Today I am sharing a curated list of Valentine’s Day books for kids that will give you the perfect excuse to cuddle up and SPREAD THE LOVE!

There is just something so sweet about celebrating Valentine’s Day when you have kids. It’s a special day when you get to be all lovey-dovey and musy-gushy and for the most part they eat it up because, well…they are little and they don’t mind. But we all know that probably won’t be the case forever.

14 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Looking for a sweet way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without any extra sugar?

Cuddle up and share a story of love and the special bond between you.

As a teacher, I have the opportunity to read a lot of books during the holidays and these are some of the best!

If you are reading this post ahead of time you could even plan ahead to give your child one to open and read each day starting on February 1st!

That would give you two weeks of special moments with your little one to share a love for reading and your love for them!

The Best Valentine's Day Books for Toddlers

There you have it mama! 14 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Books for Kids.

The perfect gift to share with your little love-bug on Valentine’s Day.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers

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