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Family Valentine’s Day Ideas: 10 Great Ways To Celebrate Together

You’re going to love these fun and easy family Valentine’s Day ideas. Simple activities to celebrate a day of love and start new traditions at home.

A family celebrating Valentine's day together, exchanging gifts at home.
Valentine’s Day is all about love, and there is no greater love than family. Am I right? Today I am sharing easy Valentine’s Day ideas for families so you can celebrate together and create some fun memories.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families: The Joy of Celebrating Together

I remember when my husband and I were dating, or even newly married and Valentine’s Day was all about romantic dinners, weekend getaways and thoughtful gifts.

Over a decade later…Valentine’s Day looks different now.

I still love my husband very much, but we show our love in different (more practical) ways now.

The money we would have spent on a romantic weekend getaway is now spent on dance lessons and dentist appointments.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Truth be told, our kids are young and Valentine’s Day is currently more about sharing our love as a family.

As much as I miss romantic dinners and weekend getaways, those will happen again in a few short years when my kids are out on their own dates.

GAH! I can’t believe I just said that!

But for now, it’s fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family and create memories while we have this time together.

Below you will find ideas to start celebrating when the kids wake up in the morning and take you through an entire day of family fun including after dinner dessert.

I am not suggesting that you do all of these ideas – that would be a whole lotta love!

Instead, take a look a choose a few that your family will enjoy.

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family

Let’s get this love fest started!

Below you will find all my favorite ideas for celebrating Valentine’s day with your fam-bam.

1. Make a Valentine’s Day Themed Breakfast

Family Valentine's Day breakfast - heart shaped pancakes on a blue plate with a dollop of sweet whipped cream topping.

The perfect way to start spreading the love is to begin the day with a breakfast full of love!

You could either gather in the kitchen and make breakfast together, or prepare something ahead of time to surprise them with when they wake up!

Here are 13 Valentine’s Day Breakfasts for Kids that we love!

2. Play a Valentine’s Day game

Research suggests that playing games together is one of the best ways to bond with your family.

In fact, a friend of mine always says, “A family that plays together, stays together”.

Here are some of our favorites:

3. Spread the Love

A pink vintage toy car with a heart shaped gift box tied on top with a string.
  • Grab a stack of these adorable sticky notes and give a few to each family member. Have them write nice messages or draw pictures and hide them for others to find.
  • During the 13 days leading up to Valentine’s Day have everyone write messages or kind words on small slips of paper and place them in a box or jar. On Valentine’s Day open them and read them aloud.
  • Use these special window markers to draw pictures of rainbow, unicorns, hearts and all that fun lovey-dovey stuff on windows or mirrors for your loved ones.

4. Cuddle Up to Read a Book Together

A mother and a daughter sharing a tender Valentine's Day moment - cuddled up on the couch, reading Valentines together.

Even before Valentine’s Day arrives you can start the conversation by cuddling up and reading books about love, family and friendship.

Here is a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

5. Make a Valentine’s Day Family Craft

A little girl proudly shows off her Valentine's day craft - a pink and white heart and white doily.
  • Make some family fingerprint art by putting a large heart shaped sticker in the middle of a canvas, then have everyone stamp their fingerprints all over in different colors. When dry, remove the heart sticker and have a special, one of a kind work of art.
  • Repeat the same process above, but instead of using a heart shaped sticker, use painter’s tape to spell the word “LOVE”. Remove the tape when dry and enjoy!

6. Make a Special Valentine’s Day Dinner Together

After all that fun your family will have worked up an appetite and be ready for a Valentine’s Day Themed Dinner.

There are so many fun heart shaped foods to make and enjoy and this is always my kid’s favorite part of the day.

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day dinner ideas:

  • Heart Shaped Pizzas
  • Heart Shaped Quesadillas
  • Fondue with heart shaped fruits and cheeses
  • Pasta made with heart shaped noodles

7. Enjoy a Delicious Valentine’s Day Dessert

And after that? Well, Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without dessert!

8. Gather on the Couch for Valentine’s Day Family Movie Night

Finally, the perfect way to end a fun filled family friendly Valentine’s Day….a movie!

Here are The Best Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch as a Family.

Aren’t these ideas so cute! I can’t wait to spoil my family and surprise them with these fun activities we can enjoy together.

9. Make Valentine’s Cards and Gifts for Friends and Family

Start a new family Valentine’s Day tradition by working together to make cards, crafts and trays of goodies to deliver to friends, neighbors and extended family members on Valentine’s Day.

This simple act of working together and spreading love to others is sure to become simple yet meaningful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family.

10. Play “I love you because”

Throughout the day or at dinner take turns telling each family member things that you love about them. Each person will take a turn sharing what they love about each person in the family and everyone will end the day feeling special and loved.

There you have it! 10 meaningful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family and create new traditions together.

More Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families:

How to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family - a photo of young child hands and parent's hands holding paper hearts.

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