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Easy Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread: A Fun Kid’s Treat

Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread is a quick and easy treat to make with kids to celebrate the day of love. With just a few ingredients you’ll have happy kids in no time.

A plate of Valentine's Day Fairy Bread

What is Fairy Bread?

If you live in the United States, I’m guessing you’ve never heard of fairy bread before.

That’s ok, I hadn’t either until a few years ago.

A traditional Australian kids party treat, fairy bread is fun, delicious and easy to make.

The most basic version is made with just white bread, butter and sprinkles.

Kids love it because it looks like a sugar cookie and is covered in brightly colored nonpareils.

Plus kids are obsessed with anything that has the word “fairy” in it…right?

Moms love it because it’s insanely easy to make and is a fun treat that kids enjoy and can learn to make on their own. 

The end result basically looks like an awesome decorated sugar cookie, but it doesn’t require any of the baking or mess that happens when you mix cookie decorating with kids. 

Also, because it’s made with bread there is a lot less sugar involved, making it a great Valentine’s Day breakfast idea.

Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread Ingredients

As mentioned above, if Fairy Bread purists will tell you that the only ingredients needed are:

Ingredients for Valentine's Day Fairy bread
  • Soft white bread
  • Butter
  • And sprinkles (nonpareils, jimmies and sanding sugar work great too).

At the end of this post I share a few other ways you can jazz up the recipe to add a bit more variety and flavor if you’re into that sort of thing (which my family is)

How To Make Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread

Ok, here’s the deal: This is like the EASIEST thing to make EVER.

It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day treat to make for kids, but it’s even more fun to make it with them because they will probably be able to do it all by themselves (or at least with very little help).

Along the way I am going to share a few of my Fairy Bread hacks that I’ve picked up over the years that make things easy and mess-free too!

Step 1) Gather Your Ingredients

See list above…

Step 2) Remove the crust

I recommend using a heart shaped cookie cutter to remove the crust from the bread and get the full Valentine’s Day effect.

Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to remove crust from bread

I used a large cookie cutter that was basically the same size as the slice of bread and worked perfectly (I also use this to make Valentine’s Day toast or even just to cut their school lunch sandwiches into a fun shape).

However a small heart shaped cookie cutter will work just fine to make mini heart-shaped fairy bread, or you can even just use a knife to remove the crust. 

Step 3) Spread the butter

Butter is an important part of making fairy bread that holds on all of the sprinkles.

Once your bread is crustless, it’s time to spread on the butter.

I prefer using salted butter to add a little more flavor. You’re also going to want the butter to be nice and soft to spread easily and not tear the bread.

It’s best to set it out a few hours ahead of time to come to room temperature.

You want a nice, smooth layer so that the sprinkles have plenty of butter to stick to. Make sure it goes all the way to the edges. 

Step 4) Bring on the sprinkles!

Ok, I know what you are thinking: Sprinkles are messy!!!!

Yes, but not when you use my handy-dandy fairy bread hack to keep things nice and tidy (especially if you’re doing this with kids).

Instead of sprinkling them all over the top off the bread and creating a disaster, you are going to pour them into a plate just like this:

Bright pink sprinkles on a plate ready to make Valentine\'s Day Fairy Bread.

Now you can press the bread, butter side down onto the plate and the sprinkles will magically stick the bread in a perfectly even layer…WITH NO MESS!

Pink jimmies on heart shaped fairy bread.

See, I told you fairy bread was magical!

Step 5) Enjoy!

Heart shaped Australian Fairy bread

As you can see, the end result is so festive and fun. Everyone will want a piece!

Fairy Bread Tips and Tricks

While creating this post I decided to try out a few different tricks and techniques to see what my kids thought about different varieties.

These are some easy modifications you can do make your Fairy Bread even more delicious and fun.

Try different types of sprinkles

Plate full of heart shaped fairy bread.

It was so fun to use a variety of sprinkles, nonpareils, jimmies and sanding sugar.

Most kids love them all, but one of my kiddos is sensitive to food textures.

The nonpareils and jimmies add the most texture and crunch.

The confetti hearts were a little softer and received a high rating in our kitchen.

However, the fan favorite was surprisingly the sanding sugar. It created a familiar texture similar to cinnamon toast and the sugar sort of melted into the butter which was quite enjoyable. Plus it added a bit more sweetness which of course, my kids enjoyed.

Red sanding sugar fairy toast

Using a variety of sprinkles also just looks really pretty on the plate, so pick up a few different types and see what your family prefers.

Flavor your butter

As mentioned above, I always use salted butter, but you don’t have to stop there.

You can add additional ingredients to the butter too!

Here are a few more suggestions to add some flavor and flair to your fairy bread:

  • Add powdered sugar and cinnamon
  • Vanilla extract
  • Almond extract
  • Strawberry jam

Try A Butter Alternative

If you really want to increase the flavor you can use something instead of butter to get the sprinkles to stick to the bread.

A few suggestions include:

  • Frosting
  • Nutella
  • Sweetened Cream Cheese

There you have it mama! Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread; an easy treat to make with kids!

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