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Easy Halloween Fairy Bread for Kids

Looking for an easy and festive Halloween treat for your kids? Look no further than this recipe for Halloween Fairy Bread! Best of all, it’s really easy to make – even the youngest cooks can help out! So gather your ingredients and get ready to make some spooktacular treat!

Halloween fairy bread with orange, purple and black sprinkles.

What is Fairy Bread?

Fairy Bread is a popular Australian kids’ party food.

It’s simply slices of white bread spread with butter or margarine and then covered in sprinkles!

Fairy Bread is thought to have originated in the 1920s and has been a favorite with kids ever since.

In our house, it has become a holiday and birthday staple since it’s easy to customize for any celebration by changing the sprinkles that you choose.

After trying this recipe out with my kids at home, I decided to do it with my students in my classroom, and it was a huge hit!

If you’re looking for a simple, low-sugar Halloween treat for kids, Fairy Bread is the perfect thing!

Easy Halloween Fairy Bread Recipe for Kids

How to Make Halloween Fairy Bread

What I love about Fairy Bread is that there is no baking or cooking required.

All you need are a few pantry staples and holiday-themed sprinkles and you’re ready to get started.

This is the perfect activity to do at home with the kids, but would also be great for a kid’s Halloween party or preschool activity.

Ingredients for Halloween Fairy Bread: white bread, sprinkles and butter or frosting.


– Slices of white bread

– Butter (Frosting or Flavored Cream Cheese can also be used)

– Halloween sprinkles


1 Cut off the crust. A serrated knife works best for adults, but kids can use a plastic knife or cookie cutter for this. Cookie cutters are fun because you can create Halloween-themed shapes like ghosts, cats, or bats. We just cut the bread into triangles and rectangles, which was fun too.

2. Cover the bread slices with butter or margarine. You can do this with a plastic knife or use a spreader if you have one.

3. Place the slices of bread on a wire rack over a 9×13 pan. This will help to reduce the mess of the sprinkles and catch them so you can reuse them to make more Fairy Bread!

4. Cover the Halloween sprinkles over the bread. The more, the merrier! The kids will have so much fun with this part!

4 pieces of Halloween fairy bread covered in black, orange. green and purple sprinkles.

5. Gently press down on the sprinkles to make sure they are firmly embedded in the butter, and enjoy!

Halloween Fairy Bread FAQ’s

Do I have to use butter?

No, you can use frosting or even flavored cream cheese. My kids really enjoyed strawberry cream cheese or even Nutella to adhere the sprinkles.

Can I make Fairy Bread ahead of time?

You can, but I recommend eating it right away. If left out, the sprinkles will begin to bleed, and the bread will dry out, and it won’t be very good.

Do I have to use Halloween sprinkles?

No, you can really use any type of sprinkles you want. For other holidays, we’ve used red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July or green for St. Patrick’s Day. You could even use regular rainbow sprinkles if you wanted!

Can I use other types of bread?

Yes! We’ve made Fairy Bread with whole wheat bread, french bread, and brioche, but my kids prefer the plain old American white bread the best.

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