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100 Fun Questions to Ask Kids (Guaranteed to Get Them Talking)

If you’re looking for fun questions to ask kids, this list is just what you need. Tons of conversation starters guaranteed to get kids talking, thinking and laughing.

Mom and young daughter talking and laughing on the couch after the mom asked the daughter a fun question.

Fun Questions To Ask Your Kids

As soon as our kids are born we start bonding with them through conversation.

Heck, most of us started way before they even arrived while they were still in our bellies!

It’s through these conversations that we begin to 

  • form a bond
  • teach them their native language 
  • and eventually learn their thoughts and ideas about the world and their experience in it

Ideally, this entire process would carry on forever and our children would gleefully continue to effortlessly share with us their interests, ideas and experiences throughout the day.

But typically it doesn’t work that way.

Eventually there comes a time when the conversation doesn’t flow so freely and needs a little help.

However, the research is clear: Meaningful conversations are key to a child’s development and connections with others. 

That’s why you need to get creative!

Lucky for you, I’ve created a list of over 90 questions to ask kids that will make the process fun and enjoyable for both of you.

Questions to Get to Know Kids Better

  • If you could plan “the perfect day” what would you do from the time you woke up until you went to bed?

  • What is your most prized possession?

  • How do you think your friends would describe you?

  • What’s your favorite thing to do with friends?

  • What is your favorite thing that we have done together as a family?

  • If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

  • What is one thing you can’t live without?

  • What is something that makes you feel really happy?

  • When was a time that you felt proud of yourself?

  • How could I be a better (mom, dad, friend) to you?

Fun Would You Rather Questions

  • Would you rather be the smartest person in the world or the funniest person in the world?

  • Would you rather be really rich or really happy?

  • Would you rather always be around people or always be alone?

  • Would you rather lose your ability to see or to hear?

  • Would you rather live in an apartment in the city or in a mansion in the country?

  • Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

  • Would you rather never have to take a bath or never have to brush your teeth?

  • Would you rather have 10 brothers or 10 sisters?

  • Would you rather win the lottery or become famous?

  • Would you rather live 100 year ago or 100 years in the future?

The Best Questions to Ask After School

Mom talking to child after school in the kitchen.
  • How would you rate today on a scale of 1 to 10?

  • If you could choose anyone to sit next to, who would it be?

  • What was the best part of your lunch?

  • What was the best thing that happened today?

  • What was the weirdest thing that happened today?

  • Did anything funny happen today?

  • Was there anything you learned today that you didn’t know yesterday?

  • If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be?

  • Do you feel like you were a good friend today?

  • Was anyone a good friend to you today?

Fun Questions to Ask After They Spend Time With Friends

  • Did you have any good snacks or food that we don’t have?

  • Did anything funny happen?

  • Would you like to play/hangout/sleepover with them again?

  • Did you meet any new people?

  • On a scale from 1 to 10 how much fun did you have?

  • Did you get a chance to go anywhere or just stay home?

  • What was the best part of the play date/sleepover/party etc?

  • Are their parents cooler than us?

  • Did they have any cool toys you got to play with?

  • On a scale of 1-10 how safe did you feel?

Silly Questions to Get Kids Laughing

Mom and son laughing at silly questions.
  • What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?

  • Would you rather have 2 mouths or 2 noses?

  • Do you think old people fart dust when they sneeze?

  • If you turned the smell of your farts into a perfume, what would it be called?

  • Would you rather have really bad breath or really stinky feet?

  • What smells worse: your armpits or your feet?

  • Would you rather have to announce every time your fart or every time you poop?

  • What’s the strangest sound you can make?

  • What is the funniest dance you can do?

  • What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Open Ended Questions To Ask Your Kids

  • What is something that I always say to you?

  • What do you think the best part of being an adult will be?

  • What do you think the best part about being a kid is?

  • Is there anything you wish you could change our family?

  • What’s the best part about being in our family?

  • If you had a million dollars what would you do?

  • Do you think it’s ever ok to lie?

  • What age do you think kids should be given cell phones? Why?

  • If I let you pick a tattoo for me to get what would it be?

  • Do you see yourself as a leader?

Questions to Ask During Dinner

Father asking son questions during meal time.
  • What was the best part of your day?

  • What was the worst part of your day?

  • What was the funniest thing that happened today?

  • What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

  • Who is one person you were nice to today?

  • What is one thing you did today to be helpful?

  • What is one thing you are grateful for today?

  • If you got the chance to re-do today what would you change?

  • What do you wish we were eating for dinner?

  • On a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate today?

Questions to Get Them Thinking About Their Future

  • Where do you want to live when you’re a grown up?

  • Would you rather have a job working indoors or outdoors?

  • Do you think it’s more important to make a lot of money or to really like your job?

  • What problems in the world do you hope to solve through your work or volunteerism?

  • If you didn’t need the money, what do you think you would want to do for work?

  • Do you think you will get married?

  • Do you think you would like to have a family?

  • Would you prefer to live in your hometown or to move away?

  • Do you think you will need to go to college for your career?

  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Science Questions to Get Kids Thinking

  • Why is the sky blue?

  • What is the sun made out of?

  • What came first, the chicken or the egg?

  • Why is the ocean blue?

  • What causes it to be windy?

  • What would happen if there were no trees?

  • How are rainbows made?

  • Why do we sneeze?

  • How do airplanes stay in the sky?

  • Why can’t we always see the moon?

Questions to Ask About Their Favorite Things

  • What is your favorite color?

  • What is your favorite game to play?

  • What is your favorite food?

  • What is your favorite kind of weather?

  • What is your favorite holiday?

  • What is your favorite ice cream?

  • What is your favorite memory?

  • Who is your favorite character from a book or movie?

  • Who has been your favorite teacher?

  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?

There you have it mama! Tons of fun questions to ask your kids to get them talking and to get to know them better.

More Activities to Connect with your Kids

Why is it important to ask kids questions?

Conversation is how humans develop bonds and express emotions.

It is important to engage young children in meaningful and expressive conversation through a variety of ways including general conversation, singing, playing and even questioning.

When you ask a child a question, it allows them a creative opportunity to develop speech and language skills in addition to critical thinking skills. 

Questioning has also been shown to improve a child’s awareness of their thoughts and opinions which is an important skill as they grow into adulthood.

100 fun questions to ask your kids

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