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Top 20 Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Boys

Looking for a gift for a 7 year old boy? Well, we’ve got you covered! My son is turning 7 this year and I have been busy searching for the best gift ideas to be prepared for his upcoming birthday and Christmas. While I was at it, I figured I would share the list with you and make your shopping easy!

A young boy run along a wooded path in a park outdoors, playing with a kite--a perfect gift for 7 year old boys.

The Best Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Boys

As a mom (and teacher) I have some criteria when it comes to buying presents.

When I am shopping I specifically look for toys and gifts which:

  1. Encourage movement or spending time outside
  2. Are pretty indestructible (boys can be rough on toys)
  3. Spark creativity
  4. Support a hobby or interest they have

As a practical minimalist family – I try to avoid toys that are just plastic junk that will be forgotten about in a few hours or days.

If your definition of an “awesome gift idea” matches mine then keep scrolling to see what made the cut!

***Side note – I am sure girls would love these toys too. I just happened to be shopping for my son. Little girls love this stuff too***

Three young, smiling boys run around in a field of overgrown grass.

As I mentioned above, my own son is turning 7.

In addition to that, I also teach first grade (which is FULL of 7 year olds).

I feel like this gives me unique insight into the brains and hearts of these boys. 

Everyday I hear what they talk about and what makes them laugh. I see what they play at recess. I notice what they choose to read and what they like to wear.

I have used all of that “insider intel” to create a list of toys and gifts that will make the 7 year old little-man in your life grin from ear to ear.

You will see a heavy emphasis on gift ideas that promote outdoor play, movement and tons of fun – because that’s what little boys are made of!

Without further ado….onto the list!

21 Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys: Popular Gifts for Boys Who LOVE to Be Outside!

Freestyle Spooner Board

The Spooner Freestyle Board can be used indoors or outdoors to learn skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding skills all year round!

The perfect way for your little dare-devil to master board tricks without all the risk. Helps to build strength, stability and balance while having a blast!

Parachute Guys

I loved these as a kid, but this updated version is SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

No batteries or string to get tangled your kids will spend hours tossing, running and catching.

Razor RipRider 360

This may look like the “Big Wheels” you remember from your childhood, but the fun factor has been majorly amped up by Razor.

Special casters allow for drifting and 360 degree spinning that will make this your little boy’s new favorite toy.

Funny Jokes for 7 Year Olds

Does your little-man have a great sense of humor? Spend hours cracking up together with this joke book full of age appropriate riddles, jokes and tongue twisters.

Walkaroo Air Kicks

Fully adjustable and able to hold up to 220 lbs this awesome toy encourages play and activity.

If your kiddo loves a challenge, these stilts will provide him with hours of fun!

Razor MX350

So, your little guy wants a dirt bike eh?

This scaled down, electric powered dirt bike is a great alternative. With a top speed of 14 mph and a smaller frame, this bike is a great introduction to motocross.

Dude Perfect Fishing Pole Set

This fully functional rod and reel combo is perfect for you little outdoor enthusiast.

This “Dude Perfect” version comes complete with a trick shot game.

PlaSmart Plasma Car

The ultimate in kid-powered fun! No batteries or pedals, this ride is powered by wiggles.

Aero Advantage Pogo Stick

This pogo stick was designed for young hoppers aged 5-10 and weighing between 40 and 90 lbs. Comes with non-slip footpads to help with control and stability.

Door Pong

This is the 2017 Kidventor Contest Winner. It’s like ping pong but without the table!

It can be played solo or with a friend while it’s clamped to the doorframe. Perfect for indoor play when it’s too hot or cold to play outside.

Ribbon Ninja Game

Your little ninja will love this game that combines the skills of tag, flag football and martial arts all in one!

Ninja Slackline Obstacle Course

I thought it would be fun to stick with the ninja theme for a minute.

This multi-use slackline can be used traditionally or with all of the accessories for developing skills like climbing, swinging and hanging.

Perfect for your mini American Ninja Warrior fan.

Reusable Water Balloons

Your kiddo will love spending the afternoon running around outside for an epic water balloon fight. Make sure the fun never stops with this awesome reusable, refillable water balloons.


Grab a household fan and inflate this instant fort in seconds. Hours of mess free fun and it comes in it’s own storage bag for easy clean up.

Tech Deck Finger Board Set

My guy loves this and has already asked for more for his birthday. Kids love to build ramps and practice new tricks with these things.

Mongoose Off-Road Scooter

Leave it to Mongoose to create this awesome hybrid Scooter/BMX bike that your guy will love.

Perfect for off road adventures, or if your sidewalks or streets are too bumpy and uneven for a traditional scooter. The large tires and handbrakes provide for a super smooth ride and tons of trick opportunities.

Real Hand Tools for Young Builders

I am a firm believer in giving kids the opportunity and responsibility of learning to use real tools. This is perfect for your budding builder to gain the skills they need to construct and repair all around the house.

Paper Airplane Book

This all in one gift idea includes instructions and special paper to create a variety of flying machines.

Stink Super Incredible Book Collection

This kid-friendly series follows Judy Moody’s pesky younger brother. Full of humor and relate-able sibling interactions.

Easy-Fly High Performance Kite

This kite is crash-proof and kid-friendly. Easy to fly and well-made it will keep them outside for hours!

Lincoln Logs with Classic Storage Tin

This is an oldie but a goodie! The kids in my classroom play with these for hours. No need for plastic lego pieces – this old-fashioned wooden set is a classic for a reason.

Kids Waterproof HD Sports Camera

Super fun to mount to helmets to create skateboarding and bike riding videos of their own. Plus if they are a budding YouTuber they can use this to practice making their videos too!

More Gift Guides for Young Boys:

There you have it! Tons of great gift ideas for the 7 year old boy in your life! Did I miss any of your favorites? Put it in the comments below!

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