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9 Best Punching Bags for Toddlers: 2023 Recommendations and Reviews

Looking for the best punching bags for toddlers to help your little one burn off some extra energy? Check out our top recommendations for toddler punching bags this year.

Toddler using a punching bag in the living room

The Best Toddler Punching Bags

Let me guess…

You’ve got a little one in your house with more energy than you know what to do with?

No matter how much they run, play or jump they seem to have an energy supply that is neverending.

First, let me assure you that it’s totally normal for toddlers to have trouble sitting still. In fact, I would be more concerned if you had a toddler who just wanted to lay around and be lazy all day.

That being said, an active toddler is a force to be reckoned with.

I know because I have raised two toddlers and since I spend my days working with young children, I observe this phenomenon on a daily basis.

The good news is that there is a wonderful solution to help your little one get all their wiggles, energy and even frustrations out: a punching bag.

Punching bags are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers because they:

  • come in a variety of sizes for even the smallest kids
  • take up very little space
  • can be used inside or outside
  • are super easy to use and need no additional equipment or directions

Be sure to read the FAQ section of this post if you’re interested in learning more about why punching bags are so good for toddlers.

But for those of you who just want to know what to look for in a high quality punching bag, here’s the scoop:

The Best Punching Bags for Toddlers

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Are punching bags good for toddlers?

Punching bags provide a great interactive, physical activity for toddlers.

They can provide a release for excess energy as well as a way to focus angry or frustrated emotions.

The key to harnessing the power of a punching bag is teaching your child the appropriate uses of the bag as well as correct techniques.

Punching bags are terrific when used in conjunction with karate, taekwondo, or any other martial arts classes.

Even young kids can practice the skills and techniques they learn in class at home, on their own. This instills a sense of independence and pride in mastering their craft.

Are inflatable punching bags any good?

inflatable punching bags are preferred over bags filled with heavier materials for young children.

Toddlers and preschoolers are still learning the correct ways to position their hands and feet when punching and kicking.

By providing a target that is filled with air, you limit the likelihood of any injury.

As children grow and gain strength, you can transition to a foam or sand-filled bag that will better withstand their punching and kicking power.

Most inflatable punching bags are made with durable materials that are designed to take a beating without being punctured.

The bags often come with repair kits in case of damage. As with any inflatable product, the bag will need to be re-inflated periodically as air temperatures can cause the product to deflate slightly and extended use will likely lead to some air loss. 

What is the best thing to fill a punching bag with?

For young children, it is best to fill their punching bags with air.

At a young age, the focus should be on making contact with the bag and practicing the basic skills needed to engage with a punching bag.

Power and strength should not be the focus, and so the bag does not need to be heavy for small children to play with bags.

Its best to use air to fill punching bags used by toddlers because it provides a fast, low-pressure bounce back.

You want your child to understand the physics of the punching bag, both how their body feels when contacting the bag but also how the bag will react to their punches.

Heavy bags can potentially injure children when bouncing back harder than expected.

As children grow older and their punching bags grow with them, you can consider filling the bags with foam, sawdust, or sand to provide a sturdier base for the added strength your children will have.

This should be done slowly and under constant adult supervision to ensure your child is prepared for the added power the bags will have.

Do punching bags cause violence?

As with other violent toys, punching bags can be used to harness violent behaviors into positive action.

Punching bags, if used under supervision and with appropriate training, can help children harness pent up emotions and energy and release it in a safe, productive way.

The skills used to master a punching bag can help a child feel powerful and in control.

However, as with any toy associated with fighting, there is a potential for the toy to be used negatively, especially if more than one child is playing with the punching bag at once.

It is important to teach your child the rules of the punching bag and to clearly explain why hitting or kicking a bag is much different from hitting or kicking another person.

What are some of the benefits for kids using punching bags?

Punching bags provide a positive and versatile physical activity that can be done indoors or outdoors with limited space.

In addition to releasing energy, they also help improve hand-eye coordination as well as focus and concentration.

Children who use punching bags also develop reactive and motor skills that help them to understand their body and its capabilities.

Punching bags are also fun!

  • They can be solo activities, which is great for fostering independence and ownership in your children.
  • They can also be used in group activities to instill sportsmanship and teach healthy competition skills.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and can be used in any home, making them a versatile toy that will grow with your child.

Is using a punching bag safe for toddlers and preschoolers?

Young kids should always use punching bags under adult supervision.

Toddlers and preschoolers are highly capable of using punching bags and will enjoy the activity.

However, because of the highly physical nature of the activity, parents should always monitor their children when using the bag to prevent injury to themselves or others.

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