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The Best Immune Support Boosters for Kids

Today I am sharing my favorite immune boosters for kids that we use to keep our kids happy and healthy. Whether it’s going back to school or cold & flu season, having sick kiddos is no fun! Give their little bodies a fighting chance with these tips to keep their immune systems strong!

It is practically torture to see your joyful and energetic child sick and miserable. Add on the stress of missing work, urgent care visits and prescription costs –UGH! 

The importance of immune support for kids:

Last year I switched jobs and as a newbie it was VERY difficult to miss any days.

With children in preschool and elementary school it was virtually impossible to imagine that we could avoid getting sick, but we did!

We relied on frequent handwashing and products that are known to strengthen the immune system to keep our family healthy.

If you want your kids to stay healthy and sail through “sick season” stress free be sure to stock your medicine cabinet with these products now.

My favorite immune boosters for kids:

Black Elderberry Gummies

When you notice your child is not quite themselves you need to act fast.

This product has worked great in our household to prevent serious illness and improve symptoms quickly.

Black elderberry immune boosting gummies for kids

Elderberry is one of the top antiviral herbs on the planet.

If you start using it within the first 48 hours of onset of symptoms, it has been found to reduce the duration of the flu by four days. That means you get your healthy kiddo back sooner and less stress and worry for mama.

The reasons I suggest these over other elderberry products are

  • Kids love gummies and these have a pleasant taste.
  • Many elderberry products are recommended for ages 12 and up. These gummies can be used by children as young as 4 meaning your preschooler is good to go!

You can also use Black Elderberry to boost the immune system. So, if you are sending them to school and you know the classroom is full little sickies you can give them Black Elderberry and it could prevent them from getting sick in the first place.

There are also  lozenges available.

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Handzies: Soap & Water Wipes

I have a bachelors degree in Microbiology. That means I spent four years of my life studying bacteria and viruses.

In every course I took it was clearly explained that the best way to prevent illness is to wash your hands.

Unfortunately kids are crappy hand washers. Especially when they are unsupervised, like at school.

Did you know that hand sanitizer doesn’t work on dirty hands AND it actually kills the “good bacteria” on your hands that help you from getting sick in the first place?

This means you really don’t want your kids constantly relying on hand sanitizer.

These hand wipes are great because they avoid the antibiotics and chemicals found in most sanitizers.

Instead they are just soap, water, and essential oils. I put one in a baggie in my kiddos lunches and they clean their hands before they eat and toss them with their lunches. Voila’ germs be gone!

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Immune Boost Essential Oil Roller

After months of research and reading reviews my family has decided to use this brand of essential oils in our home and on our bodies.

They are affordable, work extremely well and I can have them at my house in 2 days with Amazon Prime.

The pre-diluted KidSafe line is my absolute go-to! This Wellness Sampler Set has everything you need to prevent the cold and flu.

It includes Germ Destroyer, Immune Boom, and Sniffle Stopper.

Immune boosting essential oils for kids

Plant Therapy KidSafe Wellness Roll-On Sampler Set

Vital-Vits Immune System Booster for Kids

All-natural children’s liquid vitamins that are sugar-free, nut-free and gluten-free.

Contains key ingredients like Organic Fenugreek Seed, Organic Elderberry and Organic Raspberry Leaf to keep their immune system strong.

Vitamin drops to boost kids immune systems

Emergen-C Kidz Vitamin C

Good ol’ Vitamin C is a staple in family medicine cabinets.

This fizzy effervescent drinkable version makes the process super fun for kids.

Each packet provides 250 mg of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and electrolytes to help your kiddos immune system fight off those yucky germs.

We have tried all of the flavors and my kids prefer the fruit punch flavor.

Vitamin C drink for kids

Super bonus – our little neighbor girl came over and wanted to try some, but she is not able to have any synthetic dyes. Since this product is pretty inexpensive I was very surprised to see that it was colored with beet juice!

Hyperbiotics Pro-Kids

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut?

When probiotics (the good guys) are present, it’s harder for the bad guys to settle in.

Also the probiotics in most chewables, powders, and capsules cannot survive your child’s stomach acids to deliver any benefit.

However this brand is specially formulated so that 60% will reach deep into your child’s intestinal tract where they actually have an impact. They are also drama free and easy to swallow. The only sweetener used is stevia and they avoid artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners – just a slight natural orange taste.

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So there you have it mama! 5 Germ Destroying Immune Boosters for Kids to help you prevent the cold and flu in your house this season.

We would love to hear from you! Do you have any go to immune boosting tips for kids? Comment below!

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The Best Immune Boosters for Kids



  1. thats definitely a huge struggle to have your kid sick and want to focus on work, this is great list and my mom would love to read about this so passing it to my mom, thanks for this :))!

  2. These are all amazing products I used to always keep in house and just don’t anymore right now. I say this as my two little ladies and I have been running over 103 degree fevers for a few days. The season hit us fast and hard this year. Thanks for the great reminders of what I need to start stocking up on again!

    1. You are so lucky to have a Sprouts! We live in a very small town, but all of our local stores carry it. Honestly, it works wonders. There have been so many times that I feel like I am getting sick or I can feel a fever coming on and I take Sambucol for a day and all the symptoms go away. I love them.

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