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50 Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Kids: Unique Trick or Treat Alternatives (2022)

Halloween is such a fun time of year! Kids of all ages absolutely love dressing up in costumes and going door to door. If you’re looking for a way to keep trick-or-treaters happy without giving them more sugar you’ll love these non-candy Halloween treats. 

Non candy Halloween Treats Kids will Love | Image of kid trick or treating

The Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats (That Are Still Fun)

Halloween is so much fun!

It’s the one night of the year that kids of all ages are happy to put down their devices to get dressed up and go door to door to fill their bags with treats and candy.

I absolutely love seeing neighborhoods full of children eagerly knocking on doors while parents anxiously wait on the sidewalk reminding them to say, “thank you” and stay off the grass.

From homemade costumes, and haunted houses to friendly neighbors passing out candy, there is just so much old-fashioned family fun to be had on the last day of October.

While many Halloween traditions have remained the same over the years, there’s one thing that has changed since the holiday began being celebrated as we know it in the U.S.- the amount of sugar our kids consume on a daily basis.

Even 50 years ago a sugary treat was a rare and special thing in the life of a child, but thanks to mass production and high fructose corn syrup that is no longer the case.

While it’s recommended that kids consume less than 25 grams of sugar per day, the average 8 year old in America is most likely taking in more than 85 grams per day.

And we all know that this extra sugar contributes to all sorts of problems from cavities to obesity.

All that being said, I’m a firm believer that kids should be allowed to have some candy on Halloween.

Personally, I feel like it’s good for kids to be able to let loose learn what it feels like to have too much of a good thing. That’s a life lesson that will last a long time.

I also know that Halloween celebrations kick of the “Season of Sugar” the 90 days from October to January where candies, sweets and treats are everywhere in abundance.

For that reason, I fully support anyone who wants to provide something other than a sugary treat to neighborhood trick or treaters on Halloween.

Because even if just a handful of people offer a non-candy treat the kids will still end up with more candy than they need (even after I take all the Snickers).

Plus, there are so many kiddos with food allergies and sensitivities to everything including gluten, nuts, eggs and chocolate. By handing out a non-candy treat you ensure that everyone can enjoy it!

If you’re looking for a non-candy treat that will still make the neighborhood kids smile, take a look below. We’ve got sections dedicated to non-edible and edible ideas.

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Non-Edible Halloween Treats, Trinkets, and Toys

In this first section we are covering sugar-free candy alternatives that you can’t eat. Below you’ll find tons of fun, kid-friendly toys and trinkets that are perfect to drop into trick or treat bags on Halloween night.

1. Play-Doh Minis

It not candy, but kids still love it. Play-doh minis make a great treat to give away on Halloween because you can buy them in bulk and everyone loves playdough.

2. Whistles

Noise makers are non-candy Halloween treats that kids will love. They can also be used as a location device if they get lost in the crowd.

3. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy balls are a Halloween give away that will get every child in the neighborhood smiling. These non-toxic and odorless balls are a non-candy treat that’s safe for kids of all ages.

4. Halloween Squishies

Kids are obsessed with the weird texture of these tiny toys. Bonus – they can also be used as a stress ball.

5. Mustache Stickers

This non-candy Halloween treat will be a big hit with the kids on October 31st! Everyone from toddlers to tweens will love these fuzzy mustaches that will stick to anything!

mustache stickers | candy alternatives for Halloween

6. Jack-o-Lantern Punch Balloons

What non-candy Halloween treat is more fun than a punch balloon? Kids can also decorate them with marker to make non candy Halloween treats that match their costumes.

7. Reusable Halloween Straws

The kids will love these fun and re-useable straws! The best part is they can use them again and again, making them an eco-friendly gift.

8. Magnets

Kids will love this fun, yet practical surprise. They can also be used as a decoration for the refrigerator or school locker.

9. Cauldron Bath Bombs

These are a little pricey, so they will work best if you live in a small neighborhood or just have a few special visitors stopping by on Halloween – but they are so cute! Plus they have a toy hidden inside!

10. Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are super popular right now and kids are putting them on water bottles, bikes and skateboards. Kids of all ages will love these Halloween themed stickers they can use to customize their gear.

11. Spooky LED Rings

This Halloween treat is a great choice for kids of all ages. These rings light up and help to keep kids safe and visible in the dark.


An extra special treat for little readers, bookmarks are sugar-free and practical.

Halloween bookmarks

13. Rubber Duckies

These adorable ducks will make a great addition to the kids’ trick or treat bags on October 31st.

14. Glow in the Dark Slime

Kids love slime and these glow in the dark slime eggs are super cool and spooky!

Glow in the dark slime eggs

15. Fidget Zipper Bracelets

Stylish, fun and great for kids who need a little sensory break. These Halloween themed zipper bracelets are a great alternative treat to hand out.

16. Broomstick Pens

Kids will love these pens that look just like a witch’s broom! They can pretend they’re playing quidditch at Hogwarts.

17. Notepads

These notepads are a great non-food idea that’s practical and easy to pass out.

18. Painted Rocks

Painted rocks are a great DIY surprise to give away on Halloween. After Halloween kids can have fun hiding them around town for others to find.

19. Keychains

Keychains are a clever non candy treat for kids. They’re practical and fun, kids will love putting them on backpacks, lunch bags and more.

20. Temporary Tattoos

These cute tattoos are perfect to give away to trick or treaters on Halloween night.

Temporary tattoos

21. Slinkys

Slinkys are a classic toy that kids will love. They’re great to slip into the trick or treat bags because they’re light and easy to hand out.

22. Stretchy Skeletons

Kids will love playing with these stretchy skeletons. They’re great to pass out because they’ll provide hours of fun for kids on Halloween night and can also stick to windows, walls and doors.

23. Building Briks

Similar to Legos, these kits include small plastic briks that kids can put together to make a pumpkin, bat, or ghost.

24. Scratch Art Kits

Kids will love scratching away the black surface to reveal colorful patterns underneath. They’re great for little hands and easy to pass out.

25. Vampire Fangs

These vampire fangs are perfect to hand out for kids who love all things scar. They’re fun, entertaining and just a little bit spooky!

Plastic vampire teeth

26. Sticker Activity Sheets

These sheets of stickers will keep kids entertained for hours! They’re perfect to pass out on Halloween when you don’t want to hand out candy.

27. Brain Shaped Erasers

Little zombies will love these adorable brain shaped erasers are perfect for kids of all ages. They’re the perfect size to slip into their trick or treat bags and they will love using them at school.

Brain shaped erasers

28. Pencils

Pencils are a great non-food treat for trick or treating kids, that you know they will actually use.


29. Pop its

Kids will go crazy for these super popular fidget toys.

Halloween pop its

30. Stamps

These self-inking stamps make the perfect trick or treat bag fillers. Washable and non-toxic kids will love putting them on paper and probably all over their own arms.


31. Bubbles

Bubbles are a classic toy that kids will love. This version comes in a cute Halloween themed bottle that makes them fun and festive.

32. Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls

Kids will love playing with these bouncy balls which glow in the dark! They’re perfect to slip into trick or treat bags for kids to enjoy.

33. Fun Glasses

You’ll be the coolest neighbor on the block when you pass out these glasses on Halloween.

Halloween Glasses

34. Spider Rings

These cute spider rings are the perfect size to slip into trick or treat bags. Kids will love wearing them anytime, not just on Halloween!

spider rings

35. Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets are a classic and kids will love both wearing them and trading with their friends.

Slap bracelets

36. Peanuts Halloween Crayon Pack

Charlie Brown and Halloween are a classic combination and kids will appreciate a mini pack of their own crayons they can use to color and create with.

37. Ultra Bright Glow Sticks

These super bright glow sticks are perfect to pass out on Halloween. They will light up the night and help to keep kids safe.

ultra bright glow sticks

Edible Non-Candy Halloween Treats and Snacks

FYI non-candy treats don’t have to be toys! You can still pass out an edible treat or snack that isn’t candy.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, here are a few of our favorite candy alternatives to pass out on Halloween.

38. Ghost and Bat Veggie Chips

These chips are a fun and healthy alternative to candy. Kids can crunch away on these tasty, veggie-packed treats while they go “trick or treating.”

Veggie Ghost and Bat chips - individual packages

39. Mini Granola Bars

Pass out a fun and healthy snack on Halloween night by handing out these mini granola bars. They’re packed with organic chocolate chips, flavor – they are gluten and nut-free!

40. Pretzels

Pass out these pretzels in a fun Halloween bag. Kids can enjoy them while they go trick or treating and you don’t have to worry about them being messy or full of sugar.

41. Popcorn

A tasty and healthy snack to enjoy on Halloween. These individual bags of popcorn will be a hit with kids (and their parents).

42. Circus Animal Cookies

Ok, I know that these have a ton of sugar, but technically they are cookies and not candy and they are so cute I had to include them on the list.

43. Mini Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are a classic childhood favorite and the mini versions are the perfect size for Halloween visitors.

44. Halloween Goldfish

I’ve never met a kid (big or little) who doesn’t love Goldfish crackers. This cute Halloween themed version make them perfect for trick or treaters.

45. Monster Cereal Packs

Keep the fun going the morning after Halloween with these monster themed cereals.

Monster cereal packs

46. Mini Fruit Roll Ups

Another classic that kids will love to receive as a Halloween treat.

47. Cheese Balls

Cheese balls are a great Halloween treat that kids love and while they aren’t healthy, they aren’t candy.

48. Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls are a fun and festive treat to pass out on Halloween. While they were super common when I was young, most kids haven’t had them and they will be super excited to get one.

Halloween popcorn balls

49. Wax Lips

These wax lips are a fun treat that kids will love to unwrap. They’re flavored, but they aren’t very tasty so I don’t really consider them candy.

edible wax lips

50. Juice Boxes

For little trick or treaters, just hand them a juice box and wish them a Happy Halloween!

The Best Non-Candy Treats to Handout on Halloween

I hope you found some fun and creative ideas for Halloween treats to give out this year.

If your child is anything like mine, they’re going to be super excited about the candy that will inevitably come from all of their neighbors.

What can we say? Kids love sugar! But if you want a really special treat that won’t rot teeth or add pounds on your little one’s waistline, try these other options instead next time Halloween rolls around again. Not only are they healthier than typical sweets but also more unique.

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