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Easy Halloween Graham Cracker Haunted Houses

This easy Halloween graham cracker haunted house is perfect to make with kids. They will have so much fun making these spooky Halloween towers.

Learn how to make these kid-friendly Halloween graham cracker houses made with chocolate graham crackers, orange and purple icing, and yellow and orange candies.

DIY Chocolate Halloween Graham Cracker Houses

For years I’ve been making easy “faux gingerbread” houses with my elementary students at school for the holidays.

The basic idea is the same as a traditional gingerbread house, but the entire process is made much more kid-friendly by using graham crackers instead of baking sheets of gingerbread.

This year I decided to take that same idea, but use slightly different ingredients to make spooky haunted Halloween chocolate graham cracker houses with my own kiddos.

Whether you are making these in the classroom or at home, the trick to making this treat easy for kids is to use a milk carton as a foundation.

Inspired by the Tower of Terror at Disneyland, we decided to use one-quart cartons so our haunted graham cracker houses could be super tall and extra spooky.

Empty one-quart milk cartons are the perfect structure to create diy Halloween graham cracker houses with fun colored frosting and candies.

We also used chocolate graham crackers since they look a little more “Halloweeny” Is that a word?

How to Make Haunted Halloween Graham Cracker Houses

1. Gather your supplies.

The first step is to gather your supplies.

You will need:

2. Build the house.

Now it’s time to build!

Since you’re using the milk carton as a scaffold, just place a bit of frosting on the back of the graham cracker to stick them on.

Use frosting to glue chocolate graham crackers to the side of an empty 1-quart milk carton to create the structure of the Halloween graham cracker houses.
Random fact: My local grocery story carries milk from Sunnyside Farms. Right after graduating from college I worked as a quality control microbiologist at the Sunnyside Farms Dairy in Northern California.

One of the steps that make traditional gingerbread houses so difficult to build is trying to keep the walls together while you wait for the frosting to dry.

This method is SO much easier than trying to get the edges lined up and glued together with frosting.

A tall quart sized milk carton covered with chocolate graham cracker sheets, ready for fun halloween decorations.

As you can see, we had some spaces since the graham crackers weren’t the same size as the milk carton, so we just filled the corners with frosting and covered them with pretzels and Reese’s Pieces.

One thing that I learned during this project is that chocolate graham crackers are not scored like regular graham crackers, meaning they are all one big sheet. They aren’t perforated, so you can easily break them apart into different sizes.

That means that an adult will need a sharp knife to trim the graham crackers into the correct sizes. This was easy to do, and most of the time, they cut perfectly straight. You will want a sharp knife with a straight edge, not curved. 

3. Decorate to your heart’s desire!

To make this project super kid-friendly and even easier, we used pre-colored tubes of squeezable frosting to draw on doors and windows and add grass and pumpkins.

Decorating our Halloween graham cracker houses with colorful frosting, pretzel sticks and Reese's Pieces candies.

My son decided to use broken pretzel sticks to make shingles for the roof.

This fun Halloween DIY kept my kids busy for over an hour and the end result was awesome.

Our completed Halloween Graham Cracker Houses made with chocolate graham crackers, colored icing and candies, surrounded by Halloween decorations.

If we did it again, I would probably stock up on more Halloween-themed candies to decorate the houses even more, but they turned out great with what we had.

Don’t you think?

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