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How to Create a Peaceful Home: 12 Tips for Families

Life is busy. And busy can often feel a lot like chaos. But you can create a peaceful home for yourself and your family.  Today we are sharing 12 tiny steps that can make a big difference toward creating more calm at home.

A family (mom, dad, daughter and son) sitting cross-legged on the couch and meditating to help create a peaceful feeling in their home.

How to Create a Peaceful Family Home

Listen, we know you have a lot on your plate.

You’re a mother, which means you are constantly multitasking and trying to “do it all”.

We also know that it feels like the chaos will never end.

Whether you’re dealing with:

  • family drama
  • sibling rivalry
  • or even just the day to day stresses of motherhood

There are ways to slow down and come back to center.

Today, Ellie from 12 Tiny Things is sharing 12 tips to  help build peace in our homes and lives.

By simply committing to  one tiny practice each day you can feel more empowered and ready to lead to a more rooted, intentional, and calm life. 

As a busy mom, four strategies that will help you build peace at home are:

  • Growing gratitude
  • Cultivating space
  • Embracing the wild 
  • And practicing presence

Life is often too busy to live out all four with 100% fidelity at all times, but we can choose one tiny thing a day that keeps us feeling rooted and hopeful that a more peaceful home and life are emerging little by little.

If you are looking for a deeper sense of peace at home, try these 12 tiny things. See which ones work for you! 

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Grow Gratitude

1. Take a few moments to write down three things for which you  are grateful.

2. Change out the pictures in your frames to see your loved ones and cherished memories with fresh eyes.

3. During dinner, take turns sharing one thing that you appreciated or were excited about during the day.

Cultivate Space

4. Say no to one calendar invite that you know is not necessary and will not bring you joy. In saying no to that, what might you be saying yes to? 

5. Donate ten things you haven’t used recently.

6. Choose a daily activity like applying lotion, drinking a glass of water or washing dishes and do it affectionately. Can a simple, repeated task become a time of renewal?

Embrace The Wild

7. Anticipate that your life will not always be calm and quiet. Know that there will be noise and discord and that it will come and go. 

8. Plan times to act crazy with your kids. Activities like a wild dance party, a rough game of tag outside or singing at the top of your lungs in the car helps to teach there is a time and a place for wild and crazy, but not all the time.

9. Put parameters on when and where your kids can be high energy and loud, when it starts to get to you. Encourage them to go outside, into their rooms, or give them a time limit on their craziness so they can do what kids do, allowing you to maintain your composure.

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Practice Presence

So often as busy moms we don’t believe we have the power to shift our lives. We feel stuck in overwhelm. It’s paralyzing to feel like life is happening to us. 

10. Take three deep breaths. If that is hard for you, schedule a chime on your phone for a random time in the day. When you hear the chime, pause what you are doing and take three slow, full, conscious breaths.

11. Light candles at dinner and turn down the lights. Commit to no technology until dinner is over and the candles are blown out.

12. Put down your phone when you talk to our children, or other family members. Look them in the eye and really listen to what they are saying.

Practicing one tiny thing a day can bring a sense of hope. It can help us feel more alive. 

Gratitude, space, wildness and presence are some of the pathways back to ourselves. Back to peace. 

You do have the power to build a peaceful home. It will happen one tiny step at a time. 

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Ellie Roscher Author

Ellie Roscher


Ellie Roscher is the author of 12 Tiny Things, Play Like a Girl and How Coffee Saved My Life. Her writing also appears in the Baltimore Review, Inscape Magazine, Bookology Magazine and elsewhere. Ellie hosts the Unlikely Conversations podcast, is a certified yoga instructor and teaches at The Loft Literary Center and the Minnesota Writing Project. Through curious inquiry, commitment to the sacred ordinary and artistic collaboration, her work accompanies people to a more centered, whole, and embodied self. Ellie holds an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA in Theology from Luther Seminary. Follow her at @ellieroscher and find out more at ellieroscher.com.

How to create a peaceful home with kids

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