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Easy Orange Halloween Punch: Foaming Zombie Brains

This delicious and easy orange Halloween punch is so much fun. With only two ingredients it’s simple enough for kids to make and they will love slurping the zombie brain foam.

Orange Halloween Foaming Punch.

Halloween Orange Sherbet Punch

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or just looking for a fun Halloween treat to make with the kids, this monster themed orange sherbet punch is perfect!

If you take a look on Pinterest, you are going to find a lot of complicated recipes for Halloween punch that require random ingredients and multiple steps.

But if you’ve taken a look around on this site, you’ll notice that I like to keep things simple and that includes everything in the kitchen.

For that reason, I am an orange punch purist. This recipe only requires 2 ingredients and still tastes delicious.

It also keeps things simple so the kids can help out and even make these on their own, for a DIY Halloween punch.

We’ve also added some gummy worms for effect, but those are totally optional.

Orange Zombie Brain Foaming Halloween Punch

How to Make Orange Halloween Punch

First, gather your ingredients. This shouldn’t take long since there are only two…three if you include the gummy worms.

Orange Halloween punch ingredients

Next you can draw a monster, zombie, jack-o-lantern or ghost face on your cup. You’ll want to do this before you fill it with the punch.

Fill the cup or glass with 3 large scoops of orange sherbet. If you are using a really large glass, you may need to add more sherbet. It’s important to have enough to create a lot of foam when you add the soda.

Orange sherbet in a cup; making Halloween punch

If you are going to use the gummy worms, drape them over the edge of the glass so it appears like they are crawling out.

Adding gummy worms to orange punch

Lastly, fill with lemon-lime soda. You want to fill it until the foam begins to create a mound above the rim of the glass to really get that “foaming brains” effect.

Foaming Halloween Punch for Kids

And that’s it! They are ready to enjoy in just minutes!

Want to turn this into a fun science lesson for kids? Keep reading below to learn why ice cream and soda create foam. This is a great Halloween science lesson for homeschool or just for fun.

Foaming Orange Halloween Punch Recipe

Why Does Ice Cream Create Foam with Soda?

It all starts with those little bubbles you find in all carbonated beverages like soda.

The bubbles are created during the production of the soda when they add a gas called carbon dioxide.

When the soda is opened, the pressure in the bottle or can is released and the carbon dioxide wants to escape, forming little bubbles as it travels through the liquid soda.

Normally, these little bubbles pop when they hit the surface. (That’s why soda can tickle your nose if you try to take a drink right after it is poured. Those little bubbles are popping and splashing soda onto your nose.)

When you pour soda over ice cream, the same process takes place, but now the bubbles are coated with a layer of fat. The fat comes from the milk in the ice cream.

This layer of ice cream that coats the bubbles helps to protect them and make them stronger so that they don’t pop when they hit the surface.

Instead they can continue to expand and get bigger as other carbon dioxide bubbles reach the surface and they join together forming bigger bubbles.

Since the bubbles don’t pop and they are coated with ice cream it creates a foamy layer on top of the drink.

Now you know the science behind the foam that is created when you make an ice cream or sherbet based punch or float.

The Best Orange Halloween Punch

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