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How to be a Happy Mom; 13 Real-Life Strategies that Work

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated with motherhood? You are not alone! But the good news is that there are steps you can take to be a happy mom. Keep reading to discover how to make mom-life fun and stress free!

How to Be Happy as a Mom

As moms we put so much pressure on ourselves!

On top of that our culture dishes up three big ol’ heaping spoonfuls of

  • stress
  • overwhelm
  • and unrealistic expectations

It’s enough to make you unhealthy, unhappy and not a very pleasant person to be around.

Think this might be you? Just ask your kids and your spouse…they’ll let you know!

For most of us, trying to be the perfect wife, mother, friend and employee isn’t working.

Instead, we end up spread too thin and being mediocre versions of all of those things.

I should know, because I have been there – and it’s not fun 🙁

Thankfully, I slowly discovered techniques and strategies to make motherhood easier and more enjoyable. I like to think of it as my “motherhood makeover”.

I am sharing this list with you so you can learn how to be a the happy mom you hope to be!

Happy Mom Ideas

Be Realistic

No one is happy all the time and motherhood is not easy.

Put those two facts together and you have the recipe for real life.

Even if you have friends that are always smiling and posting pictures of their perfect family – we all have our less than perfect moments.

The first step to a happier motherhood is to set realistic expectations for yourself.

We all lose it every once in a while – even if we wish we didn’t.

If you beat yourself up about it, you will only make the situation worse.

Instead, acknowledge how you were feeling and notice what pushed you over the edge.

Moving forward try to handle the situation better the next time.

Overtime and with practice you will be able to handle challenging moments of mom-life better.

But don’t expect to be perfect 100% of the time.

Single Task

What is single tasking? It’s the opposite of multi-tasking and research is saying it is actually more efficient.

As moms we have SO MUCH on our to-do lists. Since we can’t clone ourselves we tend to try to do it all simultaneously.

Unfortunately, we end up feeling scattered, forgetful and many tasks are left:

  • undone
  • partially done
  • not done to the standards we had hoped

All of this just adds to the feelings of pressure and anxiety. Ultimately, this creates a short fuse that can make you feel like an angry mom, when the truth is you are just doing too much.

Hug it Out

Hugging increases levels of oxytocin, which can help you to feel relaxed and happy.

A good hug can also reduce levels of cortisol. Cortisol is connected to anxiety and stress, so reducing it is a good thin.

You can kick-start your “happy mom journey” by increasing the number of hugs you give to your loved ones during the day.

The great news? Your kids will also feel more happy, relaxed and loved.

Even if they squirm and roll their eyes at first.

Write down your thoughts

Journaling can help to clear mental clutter, spur creativity and relieve anxiety.

Once you have taken the time to put your thoughts on paper, it frees up the mental space to help you to relax.

Make a point to focus on the positive by writing down any activities or moments that made you feel joy as a mother.


Brainstorm a list of everything you want to do or accomplish. Then go back and revise it, this time writing each item in order from greatest to least importance.

When you start to expend energy on tasks that are not your top priorities refocus.


If you are constantly picking up toys, putting away laundry and cleaning the house it’s going to be a challenge to feel very happy.

All the time you spend on housekeeping could be spent having fun as a family or even……relaxing (WHAT!)

Clearing the clutter is an easy way to reduce the amount of time you spend on household chores.

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Ask for Help

Our modern lives tend to keep us pretty isolated compared to even our recent ancestors.

But there is a reason they say “it takes a village to raise a child” – because it’s super hard to do it by yourself!

Reach out to your spouse, extended family and other moms when you feel the tension begin to rise.

This can give you the support, resources or just a few minutes of time you need to re-set and restore.

Happy Mom – Happy Family

Find your joy

Once we become mothers many of us lose track of who we are.

We get so caught up in our roles of mother, wife, employee etc that we forget that part of us that makes us feel fulfilled.

Even just listening to your favorite music is shown to improve your feelings of happiness.

Whatever it is, un-bury it and make space in your life for the things that bring you joy.

Not sure what you even like to do anymore? Check out this list of hobbies that are perfect for busy moms.

Pay off debt

Truth bomb: Debt is a major cause of financial stress.

If you have a lot of debt check out Dave Ramsey’s plan. It’s how my family managed to pay off over $50,000 worth of debt!

I found that once the constant stress of the debt was gone I was much happier and more relaxed.

Super bonus – my spouse and I no longer argue about money because we have wiggle room in our budget.

Eat happy food

As a former microbiologist, I am really interested in the new research being done showing a connection between gut health and mental health.

Cutting back on processed foods and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can increase serotonin production (a chemical that will send a message to your brain that makes you feel good).

Walnuts, coffee and dark chocolate have all been shown to have this effect! So be sure to add those into your daily snack routine.

Super simple ways to become a happy healthy mom | New Year's Goals for Moms | Busy Mom Goals | simply-well-balanced.com | Be happy & healthy in 2018

Be thankful for things you normally take for granted

  • clean drinking water
  • a healthy child
  • access to nourishing food.

In the big scheme of things we are all so fortunate.

Pause and take a moment to reflect on everything in your life that you have to be thankful for.

No matter how difficult the current situations seems, focusing on what is going right will help minimize your troubles.

Put down your phone

How much time do you spend mindlessly scrolling on your phone?

All those minutes are precious time that you will never get back. Plus, the social media comparison game is shown to make us feel even worse about ourselves.

Stop scrolling and choose an activity that will improve your relationship with your children instead:

  • Read a book
  • Go for a walk
  • Watch a movie together
  • Make a snack

I promise you won’t regret it.

Be intentional

An intention is a goal or plan.

If you want to become a happier mom set the intention each day to do so.

You can even set reminders on your phone throughout the day so that you can refocus and evaluate if your actions are in line with your goals.

Be purposeful with your words and actions and you will find your joy increasing.


We all know a happy mom when we see one because her smiles are frequent and genuine.

In fact, simply expressing an outward emotion, intensifies the feeling internally.

This means that the more frequently you smile the happier you feel.

When your children see you smiling it will make them feel happier and more relaxed too!

There you have it mama! 13 Simple Ways to be a Happier Mom. Which one are you going to start today?

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely post! I wish I would have read this 6 years ago after having my first baby. Sadly it took me about 5 years to finally start taking time for myself (before that I was just full of guilt thinking I was taking time away from my kids). Anyway – 2017 was all about putting my oxygen mask back on and it was a profound year! My life is SO much happier now thanks to making these shifts! Happy New year to you! xx

    1. Hi Erica – I am right there with ya girl! I am so glad that you were able to recognize it and make the positive changes you needed. Be a mom is HARD and for some reason we are afraid to admit that until we hit rock bottom. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to pull yourself out of it making by making small changes. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Preach to me girl!! These re awesome! Couldn’t agree more on the declutter part. I can’t even focus if my house is a mess, which it is most of the time. So it takes time to organize but so worth.

  3. I adore this list!! These are great tips for anyone to follow, not just moms (but I can see why they’re especially important for moms!) Thanks so much for sharing these! ?

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