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Get Fit with Baby: Babywearing Workouts You’ll Love

Your baby is here and you are finally ready to start doing something besides sleep and change diapers! Once you have received clearance from your doctor it’s the perfect time to start incorporating exercise into your new mama routine. Have fun and bond with baby during these awesome babywearing workouts.

Women doing a babywearing workout

Babywearing Workouts for New Moms

When I got pregnant with my first child I was working as a yoga instructor.

This was great because I could go to work and exercise and my baby stayed nice and cozy inside my belly.

Once she was born, things were not so easy.

As I struggled with postpartum anxiety, I knew that exercise was something that was going to help me feel healthy and happy again. I wanted to make exercise a priority.

However, my new baby wanted to be with me constantly. She only slept when held and on top of that she was born with a congenital hip deformation that required that she wear a brace for her entire first year of life.

The brace required that her legs be in a specific position and had to be taken on and off with each diaper changing. The brace also prevented her from rolling over or sitting up on her own.

This meant that I didn’t really want to leave her in the gym daycare while I snuck out to exercise because she needed special care and attention.

So, what was my solution?

I began teaching postpartum babywearing workouts instead of yoga!

It was a great way to keep her safe and happy while I was able to start incorporating exercise into my self-care routine.

Babywearing workouts can be done at home too! If you are looking for a fun postnatal workout this may be just what you need!

As mentioned above, be sure to check with your doctor before resuming exercise. You want to be sure to give your pelvic floor plenty of time to heal.

Once you get the green light – here are some great baby wearing workouts to help you get that pre-baby body back.

You want to make sure you have a great baby carrier or wrap style carrier. Please do not attempt using a sling style carrier.

My Favorite Babywearing Workout Tutorials and Videos

35 Minute Babywearing Cardio & Strength Workouts

Babywearing cardio & strength workout

Ready to get strong and sweaty? Use the weight of your baby to help you burn calories and gain the muscle mass that you lost during pregnancy. I love how she makes sure to support her baby’s head and neck during the workout! Safety first!

CARiFit – Babywearing Workout Series

Baby carrier workout: Whole Body Burn CARiFit

This video from BeFit and is part of their series of babywearing exercise videos. It is full length and even includes a cool-down at the end. The perfect do-at-home baby wearing workout.

Babywearing Barre Workout

Babywearing Barre Workout

The Barre Fitness Method is inspired by dance, yoga, pilates and strength training. Since it includes a lot of standing core work, it will help to strengthen your pelvic floor and tone your abs.

Groovaroo Dance Babywearing Workout

GroovaRoo Babywearing Dance workout

Once you are ready to move past walking you can give this workout from Groovaroo a try. What is Groovaroo? Well, think of a mellow Zumba class where everyone wears a baby carrier.

This is exactly the type of babywearing exercise class I used to teach at our gym and they are SO much fun. I guess I should have trademarked my idea before someone else;)

Clicking on the image above will take you to one of my favorites “Sugar” by Maroon 5. You can also search GroovaRoo Workouts in YouTube and find a lot of others.

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