Baby Wearing Workouts

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Baby Wearing Workouts

Your baby is here and you are finally ready to start doing something besides sleep and change diapers! Once you have received clearance from your doctor it’s the perfect time to start incorporating exercise into your new mama routine. But you don’t have to leave your baby with the sitter! Keep them right with you with these 6 amazing baby wearing workouts.

As mentioned above, be sure to check with your doctor before resuming exercise. You want to be sure to give your pelvic floor plenty of time to heal. Check out this article from The Baby Center to get some great tips about exercising after delivery. You will also want to have an ergonomic baby carrier.

Once you get the green light – here are some great baby wearing workouts to help you get that pre-baby body back.

Heidi’s Baby Wearing Workout

It’s best to start out nice and easy and build up to more strenuous workouts overtime. We recommend you start with a great walking workout, like this one from Heidi Powell. In case you are not familiar, Heidi is married to Chris Powell who is the host of Extreme Weight Loss. This posts includes some great post-baby exercise tips and some strategies to make your walking baby-wearing workout fun!

Groovaroo Dance Baby Wearing Workout

Once you are ready to move past walking you can give this workout from Groovaroo a try. What is Groovaroo? Well, think of a mellow Zumba class where everyone wears a baby carrier. I used to teach classes like this at our gym and they are SO much fun. I guess I should have trademarked my idea before someone else;) Check out a sample workout by clicking the image below.

Piggyback Park Workout

So, we started this post with a workout from Heidi Powell and now we are back for a second dose. In her Piggyback Park Workout Heidi takes it up a notch. Again, we love that she includes tons of tips to keep mom and baby safe during the baby wearing workout. Complete with lunges, park bench squats, and stair climbing this workout will help you lose the baby weight in no time!

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Baby Wearing HIIT workout

This Baby Wearing HIIT workout from Lindsay Mac of Toned after Twins is sure to get you toned whether you had twins or not! Done in a style similar to Tabata, you will be doing each exercise for 40 seconds, then resting for 20 seconds 3x each.

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Whole Body Burn Workout: Post Natal- CARiFiT

This video from BeFit is part of their series of baby wearing workout videos. It is full length and even includes a cool-down at the end. The perfect do-at-home baby wearing workout.


Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean created this baby wearing workout through a partnership with Kohls and Fitfluential as part of the #MakeYourMove campaign. This babywearing workout targets the lower body and can be done at home while wearing your little one! Perfect for those busy days when you can’t make it to the gym.

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There you have it – your Baby Wearing Workout Round-Up! What a fantastic way to shed those post pregnancy pounds while bonding with your babe!

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