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Advent Calendar Fillers:50 Genius Ideas Kids Will Love (2021 Edition)

Today I am sharing my favorite advent calendar fillers for kids. Advents, or countdown calendars are such a fun Christmas tradition. Kids just love the excitement of tracking the days until Santa arrives. If you are looking for practical and unique ideas for your advent calendar, that aren’t just a bunch of candy and plastic junk, you are going to love these!

Advent calendar fillers for kids

I am a huge fan of simple Christmas traditions that create lasting memories for our children.

Keeping the holidays relaxed and stress-free has been life-changing for me as a mom and I try to spread the news that it’s possible to anyone and everyone who will listen.

It takes intention, practice and focus – but it’s SO worth it!

The holidays used to be a time of stress, overwhelm and debt that I basically wanted to avoid.

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Now, I look forward to this time of year knowing that my kids won’t be little forever and these moments are fleeting and precious.

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If you are looking for a simple way to celebrate the holidays with your children you should definitely try an advent calendar.

You can definitely buy one (like these).

Or you can make your own DIY Advent Calendar.

Either way, you are going to need things to put into your advent.

That’s why I created this handy-dandy list!

What to put in an Advent Calendar

As a mostly minimalist mom, I hate the idea of giving my kids junk toys in the name of tradition.

When making this list of advent fillers for toddlers and kids I tried to think of items that would be useful, practical, enjoyable and fun!

As much as possible, I tried to avoid candy and other small plastic trinkets.

That being said, there is some candy on the list because it’s a fun and special treat that kids love.

With over 50 advent filler ideas on the list you can pick and choose what works best for your family and lifestyle.

The Best Advent Calendar Fillers for Kids

1) Lip gloss

Fun and practical, lip gloss makes the perfect advent calendar filler. Everyone from toddlers to tweens, boys and girls will love these classic LipSmacker Soda Pack flavors.

2) Jewelry

A simple locket, charm or bracelet makes the perfect advent calendar surprise.

3) Whistle Pops

These were some of my all-time favorite memories from childhood and love spreading the word about this interactive candy treat. Melody Pops are part candy and part musical instrument that kids will go crazy for….PROMISE!

4) Movie Theater Tickets

Hopefully movie theaters are open in your area, but even if they aren’t showing movies I know that many privately owned theaters are still selling gift cards to keep themselves afloat during the shutdown. Purchasing tickets or gift cards now is a great way to plan ahead for some future fun while supporting locally owned businesses.

5) Fun Holiday Activity Cards for Kids

These adorable activity cards were created by a friend of mine and they make for an awesome advent calendar filler. This free printable includes tons of simple holiday activities to do with your child each day during advent. Just print the cards and slide one of the paper slips into each advent slot.

6) Nail Polish

This is our favorite brand of non-toxic nail polish for kids. The tiny bottles will fit perfectly inside the advent calendar. Use the rest of the set to put in their stockings!

7) Temporary Tattoos

This classic kid favorite is a no-brainer. Plus you can cut them apart and just put one in each day and have multiple days taken care of quickly and easily.

8) Thinking Putty  Minis

This product is a staple in our house since it is useful and fun for everything from family road trips to time outs. This high quality putty comes in many colors and is a great stress-reliever and helps kids to calm down when they are having trouble regulating their emotions…plus it’s just fun!

9) Mini Candy Canes

Another mini idea that is sure to be a huge hit!

10) Reindeer Poop Candy

This hilarious and yummy treat is the perfect tiny treat to surprise your kiddo in their advent calendar.

11) Fun Erasers

12) Money

13) Candy Cane Spoons

14) Mini Hand Sanitizer Holder

This adorable holiday themed bottles arrive empty, ready for you to fill with your favorite brand of hand sanitizer, lotion or soap.

15) Bubbles

16) Play-Doh Minis

17) Ice Cream Shoppe Gift Certificate

18) Printable Christmas Jokes 

19) Mini Bath Bombs

20) Smencils

21) Kid Coupons

22) Hot Wheels

23) Finger Boards

24) Locket Necklace 

25) No Tie Shoe Laces

26) Water Growing Sea Creatures

27) Hair Scrunchies

28) Kids Fitness Watch

29)Snowball Bubble Gum

30) Sunglasses

31) Kinder Joy Egg

32) Mini-Puzzles

33) Bouncy Balls

34) Random Acts of Kindness Printable Cards 

35) Mini Squirt Gun

36) Chinese Jump Rope

37) Parachute Guy

38) New Toothbrush

39) Holiday Flavored Dum-Dum Lollipops

40) A Christmas Ornament

41) Yo-Yo

42) Water Whistle

43) Harmonica

44) Printable Bible Verses

45) Mittens

46) Socks

47) Pom Pom Keychain 

48) Gold Candy Coins

49) Homemade Cookies

50) Candy Cane Pop Rocks

There you have it ya’ll. Tons of ideas of what to put in your child’s advent calendar this year.

Please comment below and let me know which ideas were your favorite.

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Advent Calendar fillers for kids

FAQ’s About Advent Calendar Fillers

What do you put in a children’s Advent calendar?

Traditionally advent calendars are filled with small treats, images, toys, poem, bible verse, puzzles or games.

How Do You Do a Christmas Countdown or Advent Calendar?

This is entirely up to you. There are actually two different ways to do this.

If you choose to follow the original tradition of Advent, you will actually not be counting down, instead you will be counting up from the first day of advent to Christmas Eve. So, you would start with 1 and end at 24.

However, most children and families decide to do the opposite and countdown the days until Christmas because this makes more sense to them. Children often ask, “How many more days until Christmas?” and by doing a Christmas Countdown instead of the traditional Advent it allows children to understand when the big day will be arriving.

How do you make a homemade Advent calendar?

I’m SO glad you asked…..I have an entire post all about DIY Advent Calendars right here!

The Best Advent Calendar Filler Ideas

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