100 Advent Calendar Fillers: Genius Ideas Kids Will Love

Advents or countdown calendars are such a fun Christmas tradition. Kids just love the excitement of tracking the days until Santa arrives.

If you are looking for practical and unique ideas for your advent calendar that aren’t just a bunch of candy and plastic junk, you are going to love these!

Lip gloss

Fun and practical, lip balm or Chapstick makes the perfect advent calendar filler. Everyone from toddlers to tweens, boys and girls will love these classic LipSmacker Soda Pack flavors.


A simple locket, charm or bracelet makes the perfect advent calendar surprise.

Whistle Pops

These were some of my all-time favorite memories from childhood and love spreading the word about this interactive candy treat. Melody Pops are part candy and part musical instrument that kids will go crazy for….PROMISE!

Movie Theater Tickets

Purchasing tickets or gift cards now is a great way to plan ahead for some future fun while supporting locally owned businesses.

Temporary Tattoos

This classic kid favorite is a no-brainer. Plus you can cut them apart and just put one in each day and have multiple days taken care of quickly and easily.

Fun Erasers

Erasers are a great advent calendar filler idea. Kids love erasers and they are small enough to fit in advent calendars.

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