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15 Christmas Pancakes for Kids: Fun Breakfast Ideas

Looking for a fun Christmas morning breakfast? Check out these delicious and fun Christmas pancake ideas for kids!

Christmas Pancake Recipes the Kids Will Love

As if Christmas morning isn’t already magical enough, here you are looking for fun Christmas morning breakfast ideas for your fam-bam.

You are such a GOOD MOM!

Well, we all know that nothing gets kids more excited about breakfast than pancakes….


I typically make a Christmas Breakfast Casserole; in fact, it’s a tradition.

But this year, I wanted to add something new to surprise the kiddos with.

Plus, I have been watching tons of holiday baking shows, and I am feeling inspired!

(Fingers crossed it all works out and doesn’t end up like the final result on Nailed It!)

Christmas Pancake Ideas for Kids

Below you will find a collection of Christmas pancake ideas that I thought I might want to make for Christmas breakfast this year.

I figured I might as well share the list and hope you all come up with some ideas too!

15 Christmas Pancake Ideas

Ready for Christmas morning? These Christmas pancake recipes will have your kiddos lining up on Christmas morning.

Looking for more ideas to make Christmas memories with your family?

Plates full of fun Christmas pancakes in the shapes of snowflakes, reindeer, and snowmen, dusted with powdered sugar.

There you have it! Tons of Christmas pancake ideas to make for your kids.

12 Fun Christmas Pancakes for Kids - a collection of pancake recipes that are perfect and festive for Christmas morning.


  1. I love all these ideas. Certainly will help make the kids look forward to Christmas morning breakfast. Thanks for sharing and helping us be creative.

    1. Hi Jane! Glad to help. As a mom I am always creating and or searching for fun family ideas. I feel it’s my duty to share all the great ideas I find with others to make life easier for all of us. Glad you like these Christmas Breakfast Pancake ideas. Happy Holidays!

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