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The 30 Best Games to Play on the Trampoline

When plain old bouncing gets boring it’s time for some fun games to play on the trampoline. This list has tons of ideas to keep the jumping fun going all year long!

Get your kids outside and in the sunshine, jumping on your backyard trampoline with these fun trampoline games for kids.

The Best Trampoline Games for Kids

***Disclaimer: All trampoline games should be played under adult supervision and with safety in mind. We are not responsible for any injuries sustained if you choose to play these games on your trampoline.***

So, you’ve got a trampoline but you are trying to figure out how to keep it feeling new and fun after plain ol’ jumping has gotten old.

Well, this list is full of fun games for kids to play on the trampoline that will keep them bouncing, laughing and having a great time for hours and hours (which is exactly why you bought the darn thing in the first place.)

1. Crack the Egg

This kids trampoline game is a classic. One player sits in the middle of the trampoline and rolls themself into a ball by wrapping their arms around their legs and holding on. The other players jump around the outside of the trampoline and try to get the “egg” to let go of their legs and “crack the egg”.

2. Basketball

Get your kids excited about the trampoline again by adding a basketball hoop. This simple addition will get your kids bouncing and dunking for hours.

3. Castle Attack

This game is played in two teams and the trampoline is the “castle”. All you need is a set of ball pit balls to get started. The game starts with all of the balls on the trampoline. When the timer starts the team on the trampoline tries to get them all off, while the team on the ground tries to toss them all back on (or in if you have a safety net around your trampoline). The winning team is whoever has the fewest balls on their side after 5 minutes is up.

4. Piggy in the Middle

The traditional childhood game is made even more fun when it’s played on the trampoline. You will need at least 3 players. Any ball will do, but a nice soft one is best.

Once the player in the middle is the piggy and the other players try to toss the ball over the piggy to each other. If the piggy catches the ball, the person who tossed it must be the new piggy.

5. Freeze Bounce

This is the same as freeze dance, but instead of dancing….you bounce! Just be sure to freeze when the music stops. 

6. Repeat After Me

This game starts off with one player choosing a special bounce or trick to do on the trampoline. The next player must do that trick, plus add on their own. The third player must do the first two tricks, plus add on their own. The game continues in this pattern until someone cannot remember which trick they are supposed to do or does them in the wrong order.

7. Trampoline “HORSE”

Just like the traditional basketball game, but done with trampoline tricks instead. One player does a special trick or jump then the other players must also do it. If a player is unable to do the trick, then they get a letter. When a player spells HORSE, they are out. The last player standing wins.

8. Slithering Snake

All you need for this one is a jump rope and three players. Two players hold the ends of the jump rope and wiggle it back and forth on the trampoline surface. The player in the middle must jump over the “snake”. If they touch any part of the jump rope they are out.

9. Poison Ball

Poison ball is similar to dodgeball, but instead of two teams facing each other, one team is in the center and the other team is around the outside of the trampoline. If a player in the middle is tagged by a ball, they must join the outside circle. Last player in the middle wins.

10. Trampoline Hot Potato

Players stand in a circle on the trampoline. You can use a ball, or make it even more fun by using a water balloon. Players toss the ball to the player next to them while doing a little hop to make it more of a challenge while saying “Hot potato, hot potato, who has the hot potato? Y-O-U! Whoever is holding the ball on the letter “U” must sit down. The winner is the last player standing.

11. Bounce Battle

This is a fun, booty-bouncing game. The object is simple: See who can drop down, bounce on their bottom, and return to their feet the most times in a row.

12. Trampoline Simon Says

This classic kids game gets a fun twist when played on the trampoline since you can include jumps, bounces and tricks. One player is “Simon” and gives directions to the other players. Players have to be sure to only do the movements when the leader says “Simon Says”, otherwise they are out.

13. Ring Around the Rosie

This is a great game for young kids. Kids stand in a circle while holding hands. As they begin to say the rhyme, they walk in a circle and fall down at the end. “Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posie, ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

14. Motor Boat, Motor Boat

Same as above, except in this game the players will walk faster in a circle as they sing “Motor boat, motor boat go so slow. Motor boat, motor boat go so fast. Motor boat, motor boat step on the gas!”

15. Don’t let it drop!

Using a balloon, players use their hands to bat the balloon into the air to make sure the balloon doesn’t drop down and touch the surface of the trampoline.

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16. Animal Tag

One player is “it” and must act like an animal while trying to tag the others on the trampoline.

17. Trampoline Twister

The surface of a trampoline makes for a great surface to recreate your favorite games with chalk. Use sidewalk chalk to create a twister board on your trampoline and have tons of fun playing with friends.

18. Trampoline Tic-Tac-Toe

Sidewalk chalk for the win again with this game. Draw a huge tic-tac-toe board on your trampoline and take turns placing X’s and O’s to see who wins.

19. Helicopter

Played the same as on the blacktop at school, but made more fun because you are jumping on a trampoline! A player in the middle holds a jump rope that is folded in half over their head, while the rest of the players make a circle around them. The player in the middle swings the jump rope in a circle above their head and sings “Helicopter, helicopter over my head. I pick the color and the color is (choose one)”. The player in the center calls out a color, and then let’s go of one end of the jump rope and spins it in a circle along the surface of the trampoline. If a player is wearing the color that was called out they step forward and try to jump over the jump rope as it spins around, while the other players step back, If  you get hit by the jump rope, you are out.

***This is a good one to be very careful with. Be sure that no one is hit in the face with the jump rope and use a soft rope instead of hard plastic.***

Solo Trampoline Games For Kids to Play By Yourself

Even if you don’t have friends or siblings to play with, the trampoline can still be fun. Here are a few games you can play on the trampoline all by yourself.

20. Hopscotch

Bust out that chalk again and make a giant hopscotch on the trampoline and bounce really high from one square to the next.

21. Jump Rope

You’ll be amazed at how high and how long you can jump rope on a trampoline.

22. Stuffed Animal Tag

Put all your stuffed animals on the trampoline and start jumping. You’ll notice that they start boucning around too….but if one of them touches you- You’re out!

Other Fun Trampoline Activities for Kids

Even if your not “playing a game” on the trampoline, it can still be lots of fun. Here are a few more creative ways to use a trampoline to stay busy and have fun with friends.

  • Put a sprinkler under the trampoline (careful, very slippery)
  • Draw on the trampoline with chalk
  • Make a giant ball pit
  • Camp on the tent
  • Set a sheet over the trampoline safety net and project a movie on it for a fun movie night.
  • Cover it with blankets and towels and build a fort underneath.
  • Wrap streamers around the legs and try to crawl through them like an obstacle course.
  • Set a timer and see who can jump the longest without stopping.

Whew! There you have it mama! 30 fun ways to keep the kids busy on the trampoline. I don’t know about you, but I got tired just thinking about all that jumping!

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Trampoline Game FAQ’s

What kind of games can you play on a trampoline?

When it comes to the types of games you can play on a trampoline, the possibilities are endless. Some of the most popular games include:

  • Bouncing contests
  • Trick and stunt games
  • Tag games
  • Ball games
  • Independent games
  • Partner games
  • Group games

The list above includes over 30 different kids on games you can play on a trampoline.

Why should every kid have a trampoline?

Purchasing a trampoline for your family is a big decision.

There are many factors that you want to consider when purchasing the best backyard trampoline for your family:

  • The age of your children.
  • Where the trampoline will be located.
  • The size of trampoline you will need.
  • Safety features like pads and netting.

But once you decide that a trampoline is a good choice for your family the benefits are abundant.

A few benefits of trampolines for kids include:

  • Improved motor skills
  • Increased activity
  • An easy way to spend time outdoors to increase Vitamin D
  • Weight bearing exercise to strengthen bones

Not to mention that trampolines are just a ton of fun. They provide hours of healthy and active outdoor play, something that many children are lacking these days.

At what age should a child use a trampoline?

The best age for a child to begin playing on a trampoline is 6 years old.

While it is very common for families to purchase trampolines for their toddlers, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons strongly recommends that children be at least 6 years old before using a trampoline.

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