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Minimalist Outdoor Toys for Kids: 15 Simple Toys that Encourage Outside Play

We all know that outside play is an essential ingredient to a healthy and happy childhood. While we would all love to have expansive backyards full of trees, rocks and water for our kids to explore, most of us have simple yards that don’t exactly inspire play. To help fix that we are sharing our top picks for the best minimalist outdoor toys that will encourage your kids to play outside for hours.

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Outdoor Toys That Minimalist Families Love

Spending time outdoors is so important for our kids.

In fact, research shows that children who regularly play outside

  • Develop stronger fine and gross motor skills
  • Are less likely to have a Vitamin D deficiency
  • Have better sensory skills like balancing and depth perception
  • Maintain stronger immune systems

And let’s face it, spending all day inside isn’t good for any of us…especially if you are glued to a screen or device.

And while it would be great to live in a world where we could simply shout, “Hey kids, time to play outside!” most children need a little motivation to get themselves out there.

As a minimal-ish mom, people ask me all the time if I buy toys for my kids and my answer is always the same. Of course!

However, we are very intentional with our purchases and carefully select open-ended toys and try to choose toys that encourage outdoor play as much as possible.

When choosing toys you want to look for items that encourage movement and inspire creativity. 

You also want the toy to be used in a variety of ways if possible, so that your child’s imagination is in control of exactly how the toy is played with. 

So far this strategy has worked extremely well and our kids play outside every day.

Some may feel that purchasing toys for our kids is indulgent or excessive.

However, I honestly view many of these products as an investment in your child’s development and a gateway to help them establish a love of the outdoors and nature. 

Do kids need toys in order to play outside?

Absolutely not, but the reality is that many of us live in suburban neighborhoods, apartments or urban housing developments that don’t have expansive backyard, fields or green spaces for kids to experience hours of unstructured play with rocks, mud and sticks.

If you are looking for some simple, old-fashioned toys to get your kids playing outside too, you are going to love this list! 

15 Essential Minimalist Outdoor Toys Kids Love

Kids don't need extravagant toys to enjoy outdoor time. Here's a list of minimalist outdoor toys that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

There you have it mama! 15 Classic Minimalist Outdoor Toys that your kids will love.

Proven to stand the test of time and provide hours of outside fun for years to come!

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