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Happy Simple Home: A 5 Day Series To Declutter Your Life

Are you ready to stop the stress and overwhelm that comes with a house full of clutter and junk? Then I am SO glad you are here. I just created the Happy Simple Home series to help you take back control of all your “stuff” so you can declutter your life and live happily ever after.

Declutter your life

Welcome to the Happy Simple Home Series: How to Declutter your Life and Live with Less

It seems like yesterday I was exactly where you are.

Desperate to stop being a slave to the household chores and objects in my home.

Tired of coming home after work only to walk straight into my second job of homemaker.

Unhappy that my free time wasn’t being spent with my young family or doing something that I enjoy.

That’s when I hit rock bottom and decided that enough was enough.

I don’t know how I knew, but a little voice inside me kept saying that if we didn’t have so much stuff life would be easier and we would all be happier.

I spent months reading, researching and trying out different strategies to declutter, minimize and organize my home.

The results were amazing!

I became a happier and more present mom.

My children were much more calm and content.

Our entire home seemed like it had taken a deep breath and relaxed.

The impact was so profound that I created Simply-Well-Balanced to start sharing these tips with other moms.

For the first time I am sharing the absolute best tips to get started with minimalism in a series of 5 posts that you can complete at your own pace.

Here’s a look at what’s included in the series:

Day 1: How to Declutter Your Bedroom – So It Stays That Way!

How to declutter your bedroom.

This post covers common problems that keep your bedroom cluttered and shares strategies to create and maintain your relaxing space on autopilot.

Day 2: How to Declutter Your Clothes Closet: For Real This Time!

How to declutter your clothes closet

Yes, I know that your closet is in your bedroom – but your closet deserves it’s own set of rules. Read along as I share tips to declutter your clothes and organize your closet once and for all.

Day 3: Minimalist Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen

Minimalist tips to declutter your kitchen.

Follow these tips to create a kitchen that will truly become the heart of your home. Preparing meals and enjoying them with your family is so much more fun in a clean and clutter-free kitchen.

Day 4: How to Declutter Kids Toys without Ruining Their Childhood

How to Declutter Kids Toys

This is a big one. For many families the kid’s toys are the main cause of clutter in the home. Learn simple strategies to tame the toy clutter and keep it from creeping back in.

Day 5: Declutter your Mind

How to declutter your mind. Tips to fight mom brain.

I may have saved the best for last. The truth is that modern motherhood takes a toll on our mental health. We have so much to remember and keep track of that it can be overwhelming.
Take a look to see how you can purge your mind and practice mental minimalism so you have room to remember the important stuff!

Now Go Enjoy Your Clutter-Free Life

I am so glad you are taking the time to invest in your home and your sanity!

Be sure to grab your Free Printable Decluttering Checklist of 20 items you can purge in just minutes. It’s perfect for when you want to make progress, but don’t have a ton of time.

Also be sure to join our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support from other moms who are seeking to create a happy simple home!

Before you go get started – take second to comment below and let me know your thoughts on the declutter your life series.


  1. These tips were so helpful!! We are in the middle of packing to move, and I am shocked by how much stuff we have! I want our new home to be a clutter free space, so we scheduled a dumpster rental for the kids to start getting rid of things they don’t need like old papers and broken toys, ripped clothes, etc. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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