Super Simple Budgeting Tool

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Simple Budgeting Tool

Not too long ago we were in your shoes. We had a grand total of about $50,000 worth of debt. The total consisted of a $20,000 Master’s Degree, a $10,000 bathroom remodel, and a portion of two car loans. At the time it felt like we would NEVER pay off the debt. What we needed was a truly simple budgeting tool.

You know the feeling?

We also had two really young kids who required diapers, daycare, and lots of other expenses. I didn’t think we had any room in our budget to make payments.

We were working full time jobs, plus a few side jobs every once in a while and it just felt like we would be in debt forever.

We had tried LOTS of different budgets and strategies before. And you know what? None of them worked for us. After months of struggling, being frustrated, and giving up we finally created our own system and IT WORKED!

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The key to our system is simplicity

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Are you REALLY going to track 40 different spending categories? No, and neither are we.  What you need is just a handful of general categories that will give you a basic overview of your spending each month.

The one trick with our budgeting system is that it does not require you to track personal expenses, entertainment and a whole bunch of other expenses separately. Who has time to do that?

This system works best if you look back at your expenses for the past 6 months and use your actual spending as a guide. Our Lazy Girl’s  Simple Budgeting Tool includes suggested percentages for each category to get you started though. It also includes the bare bones budgeting categories we use and recommend – but you can also customize it to work for you.

The “genius nugget” in our budget is the use of the “Everything Else” category. This is where you put everything you spend money on that doesn’t fall into one of the 8 main categories. That’s right….EVERYTHING ELSE is a category!

This is what kept the entire process doable for us. There is NO WAY that I am going to track and categorize every single expense that comes up into a ton of different micro-categories; that would just stress me out!  Our goal is to avoid stress, so we created this category and it totally works.

No more OCD level attention to detail required when it comes to budgeting! How great does that sound?

I promise that if we can do it…you can do! We completely understand that it feels like an impossible task – but this is truly the only budget that has worked for us and it’s definitely worth a try.

Also included is the Super Bonus – Debt Snowball Tracker if you are ready to start paying off your debt.

The Lazy Girl's Budgeting Tool

Your super simple budgeting spreadsheet all set up for you!

SUPER BONUS - Debt Snowball Tracker included!

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Who knows…maybe a year from now you will be debt free too!

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