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The Best Blow Up Water Slides for your Backyard

Looking for a simple way to keep your kids occupied for hours this summer? Today, I am sharing the perfect solution that allows them to cool off, have a blast and get worn out – without leaving home! All you need is a blow up water slide for you backyard!

Blow up water slides for kids

Once summer hits, my kids usually start begging to go to our local waterpark.

But here’s the deal:

-It’s really crowded

-Between admission and food it’s REALLY expensive

-Finding a spot to sit in the shade is nearly impossible

I have to shave my legs

Seriously though, for our family of four to go to the waterpark it costs over $100 just for admission!

My kids are young, so they typically stay in the kiddie area. Meaning we don’t even visit the entire park.

The food is expensive and unhealthy.

With all the kiddos running around everywhere you have to be vigilant or you will lose sight of your own!

It’s noisy, hot and just a little too stressful for me to relax and really have fun.

The Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

Last year we decided that instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a few trips to Splash World, we would invest in a water slide for our own backyard.

Honestly, I think it was some of the best money we have ever spent!

Now we have the perfect outdoor summer activity for our kids – right in our own backyard!

No more:

  • Packing a bag full of everything you need for an entire day in the sun
  • Loading everything into the car (and unpacking when we get home)
  • Wasting money on food, drinks and anything else kids beg for

Instead, we simply plug in the water slide and attach it to the hose.

Bam! Our very own instant backyard water park!

Our kids, ages 4 and 7 have used it every day since it arrived. They play on it for hours and hours and have a blast!

Here are some of my favorite aspects of owning our own blow up water slide:

  • Set up only takes a few minutes (I can easily do it myself, without any help)
  • We can choose to put in in a sunny or shady spot of our yard
  • No thinking about how many other kids have peed in the water! Seriously…you have to think about these things!
  • It’s super convenient for me to keep an eye on them in the backyard, knowing they are safe and won’t get lost or stolen 😉
  • My kids use up ALL their energy and come in totally worn out (a mother’s summertime dream!)

Thinking your family needs to have a water park in the backyard too? Here are my recommendations:

Rocky Mountain River Race Slide and Bouncer

After doing some research, this was the blow up water slide we decided to purchase.

Our favorite features:

  • Two slides
  • Climbing wall
  • The surprise dump bucket (the kids love this!)
  • Very well made and durable
  • Quick to deflate and pack away


We are now in our third summer with this water slide and our kids still use it 3-5 days out of the week. They are now 5 and 9 years old and the slide is still one of their favorite activities.

Also, it is perfect for when friends come over and for birthday parties. We don’t have to rent a huge inflatable water slide for the kids because they are happy to play on the one we have.

Little Tikes Slam n’ Curve Kids Blow Up Water Slide

This is the smaller version of the water slide above. Perfect for younger kids or a smaller yard. Still tons of fun for your kids to get wet and cool off this summer.

Includes a slide, basketball hoop and climbing wall!

Blast Zone Spray-n-Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park

The best part of this water slide is that the designers solved an age-old problem:

With most water slides the kids get out and the end and run through the grass to get back on. This ends up getting the slide covered in mud and grass and makes it hard to clean.

This version prevents that because the kids stay in the water the entire time.


Hydro Rush Blow Up Splash Pool and Water Slide

Your kids will have a blast (literally) with this one!

This is one of the largest slides on the list with the capacity to fit up to 6 kids.

The will love blasting each other with the included spray cannon and you will love how much fun they have!

There you have it mama! The perfect solution to keep your kiddos happy and occupied ALL summer LONG- your very own backyard blow up water slide!

Blow Up Water Slides for Kids

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The Best Blow Up Water Slides for Kids 2019

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