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10 Free Summer Daily Schedule Templates (Sanity Saving Printables)

Looking for a daily schedule for your kids this summer? You’re smart! As a teacher and mom there is one thing that I am certain of: Kids THRIVE on routines and structure. I promise that if don’t have a plan for the summer they will end up driving you crazy.

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Why Kids Need a Summer Schedule (and moms do too)

Yay! School’s out and the kids are home for summer…

Actually they have already been home FOR.THREE.MONTHS!

You know what that means?

  • The house is a mess
  • Your kids are fighting
  • They refuse to go outside
  • All they want to do is watch other kids play on YouTube!

But don’t worry mama! I’m here to save you!

All you need is a schedule this summer and they will be just fine ( and so will you).

Here’s the deal, kids THRIVE on structure and routine. I know this is true because I see it with my own kids and the kids in my classroom.

Plus there is a ton of child development research that clearly shows the children do best when they have a predictable routine to follow.

Stick to a routine and life is good.

“Break from routine and all the sudden you will see behaviors like whining, arguing and generalized grumpiness. Promise.

This is NOT how we want to spend the summer!

Luckily for you, I have done the research and have created a list of the best summer schedules for kids that will create enough structure while still allowing for flexibility and relaxation.

Awesome Printable Schedules to help you Survive Summer with Kids

In order to be included the summer schedule templates needed to meet the following criteria:

>Be fun

>Include quality family time 

>Utilize a variety of activities

>And help to develop social and academic skills.

More Fun Summer Ideas for Kids

So there you have it mama….great resources to make sure you have fun with your kiddos and save your sanity at the same time.

We hope you enjoy these free printable summer schedules for kids!

Printable Summer Schedules for Kids

The Best Printable Summer Schedules for Kids: 2021 Edition



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