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Unique Father’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Looking for creative ways to show dad just how special he is this Father’s Day? Why not take some tips from cultures around the world and come up with your own unique Father’s Day traditions!

Black and white photo of a dad with his toddler son on his shoulders as they hike through a field.

6 Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day from All Over the World

Not sure what to do for Father’s Day this year?

Don’t worry mama! I have got you covered with this post.

Apparently, there are a number of countries around the world that celebrate Father’s Day. Or at least something similar.

Many of them have traditions that have been around for centuries to celebrate what it means to be a man, father and leader.

Today I am sharing how Father’s Day is celebrated in 6 other countries, along with inspiration for how to include those ideas in your own celebration.

Or at least to come up with some creative gift ideas!

Father’s Day Traditions: Mexico (Get Physical)

A family running on a beach. A Father's Day run is a unique Father's Day tradition in Mexico

The Carrera Dia del Padre (Father’s Day Run) is a 21 kilometer race that is held in Mexico City each Father’s Day. That is 13 miles!

The father in your life may not be up for running a half marathon, but being active is always a fun family activity.

Making his health and wellness a priority is a great way to show you care!

Inspired Ideas:

  • Go for a short jog or bike ride as a family
  • Surprise dad with a gym membership
  • Buy him some new cross trainers or running shoes

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Father’s Day Traditions: Germany (Drink Beer and Eat)

Two hands clink beer bottles together. Having a drink with your father is a unique Father's Day tradition in Germany.

Vatertag, celebrated along with “Man’s Day” is just about as masculine as you can get. Men indulge in beer and wine. They also go on a “men’s only” hike while pulling a wagon full of food. So manly!

Inspired Ideas:

  • Take Dad out to dinner at a local brewery
  • Make Bobby Flay’s Beer Brats recipe
  • Give him a new item for his man cave

Father’s Day Traditions: Brazil (Eat a Bunch of Meat)

Grilling steaks on the grill is a special Father's Day tradition in Brazil.

Dia dos Pais, could easily be seen as a celebration of meat instead of fathers. Families traditionally get together and barbeque or go out to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner.

Inspired Ideas:

  • Host a BBQ at your place with all of dad’s favorites
  • Surprise him with a new grill
  • Create a gift basket full of sauces, rubs and grilling accessories

Father’s Day Traditions: Japan (Small Gifts and a Seafood Dinner)

A delicious plate of seafood, including clams, mussels, and crab legs, is a unique Father's Day tradition in places like Japan

Chichi No Hi is traditionally celebrated with children giving their father’s small homemade gifts. Typically origami or little candies, or homemade beer glasses. For dinner, a large meal of seafood, crab and prawns is served.

Inspired Ideas:

  • Pick up a set of new pint glasses for dad
  • Buy him a ton of all of his favorite snacks and treats
  • Make him this delicious cioppino recipe for dinner

Father’s Day Traditions: Africa (Handmade Gifts & Time Together)

A family spending time together outdoors in a park. Spending quality time with fathers is a special Father's Day tradition in Africa

Not every country in Africa celebrates father’s day, but for those that do there is a special focus on the importance of father’s nurturing their children.

Inspired Ideas:

Father’s Day Traditions: Canada (Awards Ceremony)

Awarding your father with a crown or award is a unique Father's Day tradition in places like Canada

On Father’s Day in Victoria they announce 32 “Father’s of the Year”.

Inspired Ideas:

  • Crown your own “King for the Day” and allow him to make all the decisions
  • Give dad the royal treatment and allow him a Dad’s Day Off – free of any responsibilities
  • Hold your very own award ceremony and present him with this certificate

There you have it mama! 6 totally unique father’s day traditions from around the world.

I hope you were inspired and have the perfect idea to celebrate with your family!

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Unique Father\'s Day traditions from all over the world.


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