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The 5 Best Ab Workouts For Busy Moms

As a busy mom you need workouts that are quick and efficient. There is no time to be wasted doing exercises that won’t get you the results you are looking for. Today I am sharing 6 of the best flat ab workout videos for moms that I could find.

The best ab workouts for moms. Woman doing ab exercises in her living room.

Everything changes after you have a baby. Your priorities, your budget and your free time will never be the same.

The same is true for your body, and I challenge anyone who says their body is exactly the same as it was pre-pregnancy.

To be completely honest it was relatively easy for me to lose my baby weight via healthy eating, moderate exercise and the caloric demands of nursing.

That being said, one of my favorite responses to people who commented on my quick rebound was to reply:

“Everything is back to the same size, it’s just in a different place.” 😉

Hmmmm….that didn’t use to be there….

The Post-Pregnancy Mommy Tummy

For the first few years after pregnancy I wasn’t concerned about my post-baby belly pooch. I was perfectly content to throw on my maternity swimsuit as I played with the kiddos in the sprinkler in the privacy of our own backyard.

(I also kept wearing my maternity jeans for about a year. They are just SO comfortable)

However, once they got a little older they started wanting to do things like go to the beach, the water park, and to the pool at our local country club.

So cruel of them! How was I supposed to hide my belly under my maternity swimsuit when I was going to see people who knew I hadn’t been pregnant in years?

What I needed were some great ab exercises to help trim and tone my waistline. If you are hoping to do the same keep reading. The videos are all included below.

Fast Ab Workout Videos for Busy Moms

Working Your Core: Eight-Minute Ab Workout from ModernMom

Time: 8 minutes
Level: Beginner

This video is co-hosted by Brooke Burke of Dancing with the Stars fame. Brooke has been pregnant 4 times (brave soul) and as you can see in the video she definitely has flat abs. The video itself is only 4 minutes long, so in order to get in your 8 minute ab workout the trainer prompts you at the end of the video to repeat the entire sequence.

Personally, I like this approach because I prefer to workout at the gym. This way I can memorize the sequence so I don’t have to watch the video to complete my workout.

AB REHAB for new moms to LOSE THE BELLY FAT from Autumn Calabrese Fitness

Time: 8 minutes
Level: Beginner

The trainer in this video is a mom and had a C-Section.

She is pretty no-nonsense about not using that as a reason to think that you can never have flat abs again.

After you watch the video the first time, you will want to skip the first minute of intro and head right into the workout. All of the exercises are easy to follow and really target your core.

30-Minute Core Strengthening Workout from The CafeMom Studios

Time: 30 minutes
Level: Intermediate

This flat abs workout video is an oldie but a goodie. The exercises are focused on total core conditioning. This is an important element since pregnancy tends to wreak havoc on your posture.

Some of the exercises are quite difficult. However, if you are just starting out, be sure to do the modifications that the instructor suggests.

This also makes it a great workout to try after you have mastered the beginner level videos.

8 Minute Kettlebell Ab Workout to Shape and Sculpt your Abs – from BodyFit By Amy

Time: 8 Minutes
Level: Intermediate

Don’t let the length of this video fool you. After 8 minutes you will definitely be feeling the results of these efficient and effective ab exercises.

Due to the kettlebell, this video is definitely at the intermediate level. However, it can easily be done without the equipment as well.

Core Strength Ritual by Yoga with Adriene

Time: 20 Minutes
Level: Intermediate

Being a former yoga instructor I just couldn’t resist sharing this video. Most people don’t immediately think of yoga when searching for flat ab workouts, but the proof is in the pudding.

When was the last time you saw a yoga instructor who didn’t have flat abs? Exactly.

This is a great workout to trim and tone your core, while developing flexibility and stabilization. All very important skills since you have a little one to chase around.

The exercises will challenge you, while the stretches and short relaxation at the end will have you feeling rejuvenated and energized.

There you have it mama! 5 of the best flat ab workout videos for busy moms. By integrating these flat ab workout videos into your comprehensive exercise routine you will be feeling strong and saying bye-bye to that post-baby belly in no time!

If you are looking for quick full-body workouts be sure to check out : 20 Minute Workouts for Busy Moms

We would love to hear from you! What is your biggest fitness challenge as a busy mom? Please comment below!



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    5 months postpartum and I cannot shake the extra fluff on my midsection. My belly was huge at the end of pregnancy, so it has a long way to go back in.

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