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Minimalist Toy List: Top 10 Essential Minimalist Toys

Wondering which toys are at the top of the minimalist toy list this year? Check out the top 10 toys that are minimalist-mom approved and are always a hit with the kids.

Why Choose Minimalist Children’s Toys?

Chances are, if you are reading this post you are familiar with the benefits of fewer toys.

Numerous studies have shown that fewer toys help children to play longer, deeper and with less frustration and more creativity.

Additionally, open-ended toys are touted to help children develop their sense of imagination and out-of-the-box thinking.

I created this list of minimalist toys out of my desire to give moms a good baseline.

  • Maybe you are pregnant and looking for minimalist baby toys.
  • Or perhaps you already have children and you feel like the toys are taking over the house and you need help trying to decide what you have that is worth keeping.

Either way – this list is a good point of reference.

Truth be told – I so wish that I would have discovered minimalism before becoming a mom.

Looking back, I would have saved so much money.

Not to mention the hours I spent picking up and organizing toys before we started decluttering our home.

Plus, I know that out of all the toys my children have had over the years – the toys on this list are the one’s that have stood the test of time.

Even now, these are the toys that they play with weekly and never get old – or lost in the bottom of the toy box.

On top of that, I have seen these toys transformed into a million other objects as my kiddos dream up endless ideas with nothing more than their imagination.

Sound like this is what you are looking for?

Great! Let’s see which toys I am talking about…

The Best Minimalist Toys for Babies, Toddler and Preschoolers


Minimalist Toys: Stacking Blocks

No childhood is complete without blocks.

Am I right?

Personally, I consider blocks to be a quintessential toddler toy.

That being said, I teach elementary school and blocks are always a top pick when it comes to free-time, even for kids who are 6-8 years old.

Blocks help to develop fine and gross motor skills along with being super-fun.

In addition to the standard blocks that you and I grew up with, there are a ton of new styles and options available that allow for even more amazing creations.

Swinging Toys

Child on swing

Swinging is calming, fun and helps a child to develop balance, coordination and strengthen their vestibular system.

Adding an indoor or outdoor swing for your child will provide hours of positive movement and play.

Ride On Toys

Ride On toys (like bikes and scooters) are not only loved by children, ride ons are also good for them.

They help children develop grip strength, coordination, balance and core stability.

Aside from that, they will play on them forever, and they can be used for indoor and outdoor play (depending on their age and size)

Balance Toys

Wooden toddler balance bike

I think we can all agree that balance is a good thing…especially for young children who are learning to walk, climb, jump and run.

In an age where so many kids are sitting down staring at phones or videos all day, balance toys that stimulate the vestibular system are so important.

Pretend Play

Kids all over the world are drawn to certain types of play

  • Dress up
  • Playing house
  • Building forts
  • Cooking

Toys that inspire or provide these opportunities are an essential part of childhood.

Climbing Toys

Climbing is an essential skill of childhood….even though it it can drive us crazy when they try to practice on the kitchen cabinets.

Learning how to climb helps children improve coordination, balance and agility. It also involves a lot of decision making and builds self-confidence.

By providing lots of climbing opportunities for your child, you will help fulfill a natural tendency (and hopefully avoid finding them on top of the dining room table)

Art and Craft Supplies

I don’t think I need to go into how important it is to allow your kids to explore arts and crafts.

We all know it’s important…in fact, it’s something they should be doing everyday just like going outside and eating fruits and vegetables.

That being said, as a teacher and mom I have access to a lot of arts and craft supplies and here are some of my favorite:

Musical Toys

Allowing children to explore sound and music helps to create more pathways in their brains.

Sounds like a good thing right?

It is!!!

Here are some popular choices:

Minimalist Montessori Toys

The Montessori philosophy is closely connected to minimalism.

The belief that children are overstimulated by too many choices and that toys should spark creativity are at the heart of what Maria Montessori emphasized.

Montessori toys focus on real life experiences and tools, two things that children are always drawn too.

Minimalist Waldorf Toys

Also popular among the “minimalist moms” Waldorf toys are similar to Montessori, but instead of focusing on real-life – Waldorf emphasizes imagination and fantasy.

Waldorf Inspired Toys provide opportunities for children to create and explore using their head, heart and hands.

There you have it mama! I hope you have fun looking at this list and carefully choosing which of these toys you want to introduce to you child.

Remember – the ideas is to provide your child with a variety of opportunities for play, without overwhelming them.

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