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Toy Share Subscription: Play, Return, Repeat!

Tired of buying toys that your kids quit playing with after just a few weeks? Desperate to stop trying to store and organize toys that they only play with a few times a year? Sounds like you need to try out a toy share subscription service!

What is a Toy Library?

A toy share subscription is the modern day version of the toy library I Ioved as a child – where you could rent toys!

You see, growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money.

Most of my toys were hand-me-downs from my older sister or purchased at yard sales.

One of my all-time, still-remember-to-this-day, favorite-things-to-do was go to our local toy library.

As a child who never had much, this place was the stuff of miracles.

It was literally a library, but instead of checking out books – for a small membership fee you could check out toys!!!

I can still remember walking up to the counter and being handed their catalog. This was the early 80’s so there was no fancy online check-out system. I was literally handed a photo album with pictures on a 3×5 card of each toy that was available.

The items inside were amazing!

Many of the toys were things that my family could never afford like balance beams, giant blocks to build life-sized forts and different styles of bikes and scooters.

I remember them all being very well made, like the high-quality toys that are made for preschools.

My sister and I would pull out the pictures of the items we wanted to take home and give them to the person behind the counter. A few minutes later we would pull around back to load them up in our car to take home as our very own (at least for a week or two).

A few weeks later the toys would be “due” to be returned and we would repeat the process with a new set of toys.

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The Benefits of a Toy Share Subscription

As a kid, I loved the toy library and remember it as a highlight of my childhood.

As a parent, I think it’s absolutely genius!

  • Excited kids every time a new toy arrives (which means a toy has also gone!)
  • Opportunities to explore new interests and skills with a variety of toys
  • Money saved on toys that are ignored or unwanted
  • Free up precious space in your home that was used to store seasonal or large toys
  • Reduced toy clutter
  • Fewer plastic toys ending up in landfills or our oceans.

My Top Toy Share Subscription Picks



  • Toy Library hires child development experts that will recommend the best toys for your child based on their age and interests.
  • They use ultra-sonic baths and non-toxic, environmentally friendly wipes to clean their plastic and wooden toys.
  • With your membership you receive one box per month, but you can keep the toys as long as you like before returning them.

Three plans are available starting and just $19.95 per month. Each plan also includes credits that you can use toward additional toys. You will receive 2 toys per month with large STEM toys being available depending on the plan that you choose.

Click the image below to learn more about about Toy Library:

Green Pinata Toys


  • Green Pinata focuses on providing toxin-free educational toys. As an eco-conscious business, many of the manufacturers they work with use sustainably sourced wood or recycled plastic.
  • All toys are sanitized using a thorough process to ensure that the toys arrive clean and germ-free to your home.
  • Free curriculum is available which suggests games and other fun ways to use the toys to help your child learn and grow as they play.

$24.99 per month which includes 1 box with up to four toys.

You can also purchase any toys you would like to keep at a 10% discount and all shipping is free! You can even schedule a pick-up for toys that are ready to be returned.



  • Toy-Cycle’s mission is to reduce the consumption of new toys and extend their life.
  • Connects local families and provides an online platform to post and search for toys.
  • Similar to donating your wanted toys, except you know the toy is going to a local family who wants the toy.
  • Currently only available in California

Free for 30 days, then only $1.99 per month


***Update*** – once a very popular toy sharing subscription, Pley is no longer in business.

Other Toy Sharing Options

  • Create your own local group with friends on Facebook
  • Talk to your school Parent Club or Boosters about hosting a toy swap
  • Start your own toy library business

There you have it mama! Some great options to start utilizing a toy rental subscription in your home.

How to Start a Toy Rotation 

kids playing with a toy share subscription box

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