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25 Easy Non-Traditional Christmas Dinner Ideas

Looking for an easy alternative to the traditional Christmas dinner? This list has got you covered! It’s full of simple recipes that still feel special without all of the stress or pressure of the typical turkey or ham dinner that takes all day to prepare.

25 easy non traditional Christmas dinner ideas.

Easy Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Dinner

We all know that the holidays are a very busy time of year.

And if you follow me, you know that I am all about simplifying the holidays while maintaining the magic.

When it’s time to make the holiday dinner, we are often already exhausted and overwhelmed…not the best time to be cooking a difficult meal.

Simple Christmas Dinner

As a new mom, I remember feeling like I was missing out on the holidays because I was stuck in the kitchen preparing the meal while everyone was visiting and having fun.

After a few years, I realized it was because the traditional turkey or ham dinner simply took too much effort.

No matter how much I prepared in advance, the main course was either done too early or wasn’t ready when it was time to eat.

On top of that, my family isn’t obsessed with turkey or ham. In fact, there are many other foods that we all enjoy much more that don’t take nearly the amount of time or precision of a traditional Christmas dinner.

That’s when I decided to serve an alternative Christmas dinner. I began searching for easy recipes that would still feed a crowd and feel special without all the stress and worry.

Today I am sharing some of the best recipes I found with you!

25 Easy Christmas Dinner Alternatives

Ready to simplify your holiday dinner and enjoy spending time with your family instead?

You are going to love these easy alternatives to the traditional dinner that will save you time and stress.

This list is full of holiday meal ideas that you can cook in the crockpot or instapot as well as casseroles and crowd favorites that you can prepare an enjoy in a fraction of the time it would take to cook a turkey or ham.

There you have it! Over a dozen easy holiday dinner alternatives that everyone will love.

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Easy Christmas Dinner Ideas. Family in kitchen.

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