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Cozy Minimalist Bedrooms; Relaxing Spaces for Rest

Minimalism gets a bad rap for being cold and boring. The truth is that minimalist decor can be warm and welcoming when done correctly. Today I am sharing cozy minimalist bedrooms that are relaxing retreats from the rest of the world.

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

How to Create a Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

Disclaimer: If you are looking for minimalist bedrooms that are cold, stark and sleek – this post is not for you.

This post is all about how to create a minimalist bedroom retreat that is:

  • comfy
  • cozy
  • and relaxing

When most people think “minimalism” they think two things:

  • White
  • Boring

But that is totally not the case.

It just depends on how you define minimalism.

For me, I consider the minimalist aesthetic to be the perfect balance of everything that I need without anything that I don’t.

Some of my favorite tips to incorporate a minimalist aesthetic into your bedroom decor include:

Reduce Clutter

If you have junk and clothes everywhere your bedroom is never going to feel clean or relaxing. Learn how to declutter your bedroom to create a clean slate to begin.

Get Started Here: How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Choose a Neutral Palette 

Notice that I didn’t say the room has to be white. You could paint the room any color of your choosing, however the science of color tells us that most people find shades of white, gray, blue and green to be soothing.

Considering that bedrooms are used for sleeping – soothing is good. 

Keep Decor Items and Accessories to a Minimum

How we choose to decorate our home is a form of self expression. That being said, you don’t need every single Hobby Lobby sign cluttering up your walls, or other knick-knacks covering up your dresser. A few carefully chosen items that you love are all you need.

Incorporate plants

Having just one plant in your bedroom can help to keep the air clean and healthy. At the same time they provide a decor element that brings life and color to the room.

Include Different Lighting Options

Everyone can agree that lighting helps to set the mood of a room. By providing adjustable layers of lighting in your bedroom you can create a space that meets your needs depending on the day. Overhead lighting, table lamps and candles all help to create a cozy and relaxing feel in the space.

Following these tips will provide the perfect foundation for you to create a calm and cozy minimalist bedroom retreat.

Need some images for inspiration?

Here you go:

Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

The fantastic thing about minimalism is that you get to make up your own rules and find what works best for you, but I thought it would be helpful to share some design inspiration to help you discover the type of bedroom retreat you hope to create.

Each of these spaces are unique – yet they are all simple and cozy.

Cozy Boho Minimalist Bedroom

Boho Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Recreate this room:

Farmhouse Minimalist Bedroom

Farmhouse Minimalist Bedroom Decor
Source: Cynthia Harper Living

Recreate This Room:

Relaxed Minimalist Master Bedroom

Cozy Relaxed Minimalist Master Bedroom

Recreate this Room:

Cozy Neutral Minimalist Bedroom

 neutral minimalist bedroom
Source: Dear Keaton

Recreate this room:

Creating a Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

As you can see from the examples above – minimalist bedrooms don’t have to be stark, bare and “cold”.

You can create a cozy minimalist bedroom retreat by incorporating soft, layered fabrics, warm colors and comfortable furniture.

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